It’s a Random Thursday Post


Wooo hooo

  • Thank you SO much for the birthday wishes. I went home, went to dinner then went to bed. This cold has been kicking my ass.  I DID get Chiristmas earrings from mom. They have a little red square stone that its the package and the bow is silver. They aren’t that bad. I’ll wear them. She also got me a topaz birthstone.
  • I’m eating animal crackers right now..YUM. Thank you Mr Maker of Animal crackers for making such a yummy cookie and for your marketing team that came up with such a cute little box.
  • I got an HD DVR receiver thing on the TV in my bedroom. Wooo hooo. This means Mark Harmon in HD in my bedroom every Tuesday night. Can you believe it?
  • My friend is having a baby. I know but I can’t tell anyone..except for J. I’m so excited..I love babies.
  • (just ate a bison..or buffalo..what is the difference…I hate when the cookies are broken)
  • I am STILL reading The Story of Edgar Sawtelle. It’s really good I just have limited reading time.
  • If you follow me on Twitter or Facebook you’ll know that Saturday BOTH mom and dad fell. Mom did a weeble’s wooble kind of thing and is OK. Dad cracked his yead and we had to go to the ER..just an abrasion though. Those people scare the crap out of me.
  • know who I’m talking about you all should be reading her blog too.. She made mention that I am so PG over here.. Same w/ Dolce..I told her this funny story from the weekend and she was like “OMG is that your next post?”…I was like “no”… I guess I tend to keep my blog to the point of..”If I get hit by a bus tomorrow J will not be embarrased when everyone at my wake pulls up the blog”. If you knew me in real life I am a bit more.. NC17 at times. Bri..I throw the F bomb around too much..what else do I do??
  • Last night was the first night in FOREVER that I slept through the night and didn’t have to unclog my nose. I really should use that Neti Pot again tonight.
  • Friday night I think we’re going to see the new James Bond movie..then Sat Drew is coming over, I hope we see Madagascar II.
  • Today it is BEAUTIFUL.. like 60 degrees and sunny. This weekend there is a chance of flurries.
  • That “man” that had a baby, is having another one.
  • J wants to see The Twilight movie with me.. (lol)
  • I am STILL loving my aquacise class but am not looking forward to having to dry my hair when it’s super cold out. THAT is the main thing that sucks about having longer hair now.
  • I need a manicure, pedicure and massage.
  • Emily is having a baby tomorrow!!



That’s a picture I took last year of the flowers I got for my 41st birthday. I used a paint technique on it. I like it..


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  1. I am not looking forward to the flurries, although my big plans for this weekend include staying in bed as much as possible. 😉

    I don’t think you are NC-17, a solid R, though. 😉

    If you want, I’m gonna be at City Museum friday night listening to music, you and J could stop by after your movie.

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  3. I hope you feel better real soon! I don’t know if I could bring myself to using a Neti Pot, but it sure is fun to say .

    Neti Pot

    I’m going with Papa ‘Shot to see Q of S (007) tomorrow morning.


  4. Ah, a full night’s rest sounds lovely.

    So sorry to hear about mom and dad. Glad to hear everyone is alright though.

    I hate the broken animal crackers, too. I feel cheated when limbs are missing 🙂

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