So I say it’s my birthday…


So my hubby decided to make me a CD..well CD’s… Songs from 1966 to 2008.. I was REALLY loving them until the 1990’s…then he got a little off track and had more pop than alternative..but hey he didn’t know me then. I have to tell you, CD #1..there is nothing more than a little Rhinestone Cowboy by Glen Campbell to get me smiling!

J also got me a little Happy Birthday bouquet…it’s very colorful and smells purty too.

I WAS going to go to Aquacise tonight but I think I’m going to skip it, otherwise I’m going to be WAY too tired..we are going to go by mom and dad’s then to dinner. I can’t even think about dinner right now I just had angelfood cake and strawberries. The girls at work had Italian beef and salad..Yum.

I’m sure mom is going to give me jewelry that I don’t need. I bet it will be Christmas jewelry…I’ll let you know.


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  1. Happy Birthday!

    Also, remember:

    1) All the best people have November birthdays
    2) Birthdays are the PERFECT time to get things you don’t need! Leave the practical for another time.

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