What a strange Autumn we’re having..


OK.. as we move OUT of Indian Summer and SLAM into winter..let’s stop to reflect the weirdness.

Drew’s soccer is almost over and I only wore a sweatshirt once. What happened to cold soccer mornings? This is strange.

There are 5 less shopping days in between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Did you know that?

We don’t change our clocks until NOVEMBER?? What is up with that, it is always in October. I thought it was this week.

Next week, I start an exercise program. What ? You didn’t hear me? EXERCISE.. it’s where I go somewhere with a bunch of other people and move around and maybe sweat..the intention is to be a more fit, tone, healthy person. This will be the form of water aerobics… Usually a bunch of middle age sagging women and bad 90’s pop music. Go me!

SO what else is making your season a little strange?


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  1. ok, so seriously, about the christmas music on 101.1…wtf is up with that!?! it’s a little ridiculous.

    OK..I almost DIED.. it’s on of my presets..

    101.1 Movin The River..whatever is GONE. They are playing Christmas music until January then it’s going to be ESPN Radio!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. 5 less shopping days? oh hell.
    what is making this fall wierd for me? hmmm…it’s the first year I am not involved in working with foster kids in some way, shape, or form; I am in grad school, which is new and different; and…..that’s all I got!

  3. I believe the government is jacking with us on the time change thing. They believe that the longer daylight we have the less energy we use. So they moved the time change up to November. I personally love it because I hate driving around at 6pm and it feeling like midnight.
    –missed ya to pieces!

  4. I was wondering about Daylight Savings Time too. Oh well, one more week of light.

    I’m doing on-line shopping and drop shipping gifts this year. Except the ones I buy for me of course

  5. I have such a hard time finding you now that your off blogger! I also had to “search” for the date to do daylight savings and I can’t wait! It will mean an extra hour of sleep! YEA.
    Jenny aka Lucyddcf from sister hood

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