I’m Brillante..but you knew that


I got me some bling.. from my friend Kristi.
Kristi and I became friends because we are both American Idol freaks…then we became bloggie friends and I credit her for my inspiration to quit smoking. I love her so much I realeased her from being my vassal and now she is free. What? You don’t play Knighthood on Facebook?

So..here are the rules.

1. The winner can (and should, really) put the logo on his/her blog.
2. The winner must link to the person from whom they received their award.
3. The winner must nominate at least 7 other blogs for an award.
4. The winner must place links to those blogs on their own blog.
5. The winner must leave a message on the blogs of the people they’ve nominated.

Here are the people I would like to pass the award to:
1. Grandma J
2. Shutter Bitch
3. Wine on the Keyboard
4. One Dad’s Life
5. Kimblahg
6. Fancy
7. Grandy

These 7 peeps are some of my favorite reads.. If you don’t read them, you should.


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  1. Wow. Thanks!

    I’ve really got to do a little remodeling around the place. I still have the whole Interplay stuff up, and need to find a place for this award and a couple I was passed …um…an embarrassingly long time ago.

    Even cooler, I don’t read a couple of those, so you gave me some new things to look at!

  2. Thanks for the shout-out on the quitting smoking! I hope that both of us can now inspire more people to give it up! I’m working on my Aunt Shelley now (in addition to hubby, of course).

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