Funny Photo Friday

Drew and Justin

Drew and Justin

Funny Photo Friday

Join in the phun.. yeah, it’s spelled wrong but don’t you think it should be Phunny Photo Phriday or Funny Foto Friday? Maybe not.

Picture being w/ those 2 kooky cousins (or is it kooky kuzins?) for 14 hours in the car. Thank god for DVD’s, PSP’s and DS’s. What did people do before all those toys? Oh yeah..conversation and yelling.

Have a great weekend! Hopefully this Facebook addition will wear off and I’ll post more next week. Looking forward to go cart’s, video games, shoe shopping, soccer games and a bridal shower this weekend! Woo hoo!


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  1. That picture is a hoot! What cute guys you have there. I don’t have a funny picture, but maybe if I hurry, I can get a shot of my 42 year old son dragging himself out of bed.
    But then again, that would be better served up on Scarey Saturday.

    You KILL me

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