Weekend Update aka New Time Suck and Review


Facebook. OMG I joined Facebook. It’s like a mini carnival on my computer. There in one room are friends from High School, Twitter, Blogging, TV, Flickr..and you know what, some of them know each other and I didn’t know it. We are sending each other buttons and angles and joining groups and sharing pictures.

OMG I totally get it.

In other news..Drew had 2 soccer games, a win and a tie. The tie caused cuz he ran down a kid and the ref thought that he tripped him.

We joined the Y! I brought my book today so I can choose what I’m signing up for. I’d like to do beginning Yoga but the timing may be wierd. Anyone else do yoga?

I’m STILL waiting for my new glasses to come in. They said my sunglasses were there but my regular glasses weren’t in yet.

NCIS is on tonight… Wooo hoo..!

Who is watching Amazing Race. I was sorry to see the hippies leave. I don’t care for the wife of the cheater, Starr the sister or the runner boyfriend of the NY gal w/ a job.. he REALLY pissed me off. Get over yourself already.. She should dump him and get herself a boytoy like Dallas.

And..if you have an opportunity and you haven’t seen it…check out the movie called The Black Book. It’s in dutch w/ english subtitles..but don’t let that discourage you. The movie takes place in Holland at the end of WWII.


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  1. Facebook is for sure a total time suck. I was surprised you hadn’t been on sooner.

    I used to love AR but some how I just lost interest or football was on. Is it still on Sundays?

    Yep, still on Sunday nights..you are right it is up against Sunday night football..
    I was 100% avoiding Facebook..but I gave in.

  2. I too am on Facebook! Myspace as well. I like Myspace better though. Went to Netflix and added that movie to my account. I’m obsessed with all things WWII. Can’t wait to watch!
    You will have to tell me what you think of the movie!

  3. I’m not on facebook. I have signed people’s walls or whatever that is. Some sort to graffiti or tagging?
    When did Amazing Race start? Survivor too? Remind me to never take a five week vacation again, unless I can stop the rest of the world until I get back.

    Kudos to you on joining the Y.

  4. I have so totally and completely resisted Facebook. I think if I gave in my family would abandon me entirely.
    I did resist it..then I don’t know what happened…I’m weak..I caved

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