What happened to my Political bone?


I used to be SO into politics. Really..I was an elected official, very big in local stuff…worked on national campaigns, put signs in my yard and had bumper stickers on my car.

I’ve lost it now. It’s not that I don’t care…it’s just that I’ve become one of “those” people. I’ll still vote, I’m just not getting all excited about crap that I am not going to “fix” anyway.

Debate? Who cares? Tonight 2 intelligent men will exchange barbs and ideas. Motivating their party and pissing off their oponents party. Will they sway anyone’s vote? Doubtful. It’s all about eloquent speaking and good writers.

I think too we blame the wrong administration for things that are wrong in this country. Crap that Reagan did Bill Clinton took credit for.. Crap George Bush did wrong Clinton got blamed for.. This new president..if he cleans up the mess that is going on NOW he’ll take credit even though W’s administration is the one making the dicisions. We elect a president from one party yet they can never do the things they promise during their campaign since we don’t elect a congress that will back them.

State Government needs to be more responsible for itself. People need to be more responsible for themselves. There are too many Government programs. The concepts on some of these are great yet they are poorly run.  Do you know there are people that are able to work that are popping out children collecting money from the government and paying $8 a month rent for 2 bedroom condo’s? These people don’t have to work..food stamps get them the food they need and their welfare helps pay for their rent. Why would you try to find a job. You wouldn’t be eligible for assistance anymore.

I don’t think there is a perfect candidate out there and I don’t care to hear these two guys bicker back and forth. It doesn’t change these lazy mfers out there in the world looking for a handout. If everyone was responsible for themselves these programs would actually work.

OK, I think I’m finished.

I don’t have over $100,000 in the back  so I don’t care about these banks going crazy. I’m stuck in a bad mortgage so it can’t get any worse. I have dinner plans tonight so I’m not watching the debate.

I love being on twitter. I am there more than I am here and I’m reading comments there more than I am reading your blogs…but they are really bumming me out how political they are getting. Even if I agree with you I don’t to here it.

Yep, I feel better now that I got that off my chest! Weekend of dinner, soccer, football, reunions…I’ll catch you up on Weekend Update on Monday!


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  1. I intentionally try to not write political. Am SICK of it…have been part of National Children’s information movement, at the State level…and just BLEH. Don’t have the energy for it.
    Agree with your post..thanks for voicing it for me.

  2. I’m just ready for November to get here, so we can get the election over with. I find it hard to believe too that any of the remaining debates, attack ads and other hoopla will change anyone’s mind now.

  3. Amen to you! I don’t blog about my views, and I don’t care to hear anyone else’s.

    The bottom line is personal responsibility.

    Go eat dinner, and I’m having ice cream :))

  4. I think I’ll watch the Vice Presidential debate, not because I’m so into politics and thinking that my vote will be changed one way or another by it, but because it will be so darn entertaining.

  5. Pretty sad when there is more hype over the VP debate than the Pres debate anyway. So tired of it all myself. I share many of your political views, but I find myself not giving a shit. In the end, unless House of Reps and Senate are largely on the same page as next Pres, none of it matters too much, honestly. And no matter who ets elected, it won’t be that way.


  6. I guess I am probably one of those people too! BTW… I have never been on twitter… don’t even really know what it is… if I find out then I just have one more thing to take me away from the things I really should be doing, like sleeping!

  7. I seriously enjoy twitter, and would enjoy the political debating on there if it didn’t get so MEAN and off-track. People will argue about, at best, tertiary topics to the core topics. It would be better if people spent time on theories of the best tracks for the future, rather than a constant blame fest. ARGGHH.

    In any case, I will never blog politics, just my normal goofy stuff!

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