Falling in to my new TV Schedule

Columbia Missouri

Columbia Missouri

Get it..lol
So I changed my bloggie header picture thing a mah blog. I took that picture on November 10th, 2007. My birthday last year. We were in Columbia MO at a Mizzou football game. I took this while walking from our tailgate to the stadium.

Moving right along to television.

Do you know what you are watching, you better since everything started this week. Here is my schedule of TV. I know you didn’t ask but I feel like sharing.

Monday: Nothing..yes Robyn I know Hero’s is on. I don’t watch that show.


NCIS – Mark Harmon. Yum. I know a couple of you watch. I loved the premier. All team members were accounted for. Nice inside jokes into last season.  Hello..Ziva was hot singing in the club..and McGee having his nerds call him boss..how cute.

The Mentalist– Simon Baker. Hell Yeah. I loved him in the Guardian. Did you know he has a really thick Australian accent IRL. I loved that his character was exactly like Jon Edwards.. anyone else notice that??? I like that he has a back story and I also like that it will be a new drama every week.

Without A Trace – I like this show. I am OK though if I have stuff going on and I don’t get to it right away. I like the new addition to the cast.


Knight Rider. Can you believe I am watching a show on NBC..I KNOW. I watched the pilot last season and thought it was really good. I was pleasantly surprised. I made a mental note to watch this season if it doesn’t interfere w/ my CBS shows..and I’m glad it doesn’t.

Criminal Minds – Hello..the vans blew up! I can’t wait to catch it tonight. Hope what’s her name doesn’t lose the baby.

CSI NY – Gary Sinise .. he makes the show for me.


Survivor – They are back in Africa

CSI.. Yes I still watch

Friday and Saturday : No TV for me


Amazing Race. Best reality show on TV

Cold Case: Even my husband watches this crime drama

The Unit: Soldiers, their wives..impossible missions. I can’t get enough of it.

OMG: I totally forgot Tru Blood. I can record this later since HBO will play it 38547 times in a week.

Are you excited about TV this fall? Do I watch more than you? I do record it all…but I’ll watch the majority the night that it’s on.

Do we have any shows in common?


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  1. My mom LOVES amazing race! She thinks she could win, she says it’s all about strategy. I told her if she ever suddenly stops being an introvert, I would happily be her partner. 😉

  2. I like most the shows you watch but there are several I like that you don’t I guess. I LOVE the Amazing Race. I’ve watched every season. I would love to go on the show with my husband but we’de probably kill each other. We do NOT do well on Road Trips together.

    Cold Case is one of my favorites. I cry almost every episode. Sad I know.

    Love all the CSIs. Do you not watch Miama? So glad Horatio wasn’t dead. And I’m pissed Grissom is supposedly leaving the show.

    And Survivor…Can’t Wait! I thought I’d eventually get tired of this show, but still haven’t.

    Do you not watch The Biggest Loser or Dancing With the Stars? I love both of those shows.
    I could go on all day about tv..so sad!

  3. Turns out we have very few shows in common – though I do intend to check out The Mentalist. I can’t do the crime dramas anymore – I’m CSI-ed and Law and Ordered out.

    I was about to go and list my schedule for you, but it was getting too long to be a comment, so I’ll go post it on my own blog. You can come and mock me over there.

  4. Hey !! My buddy Rob Louisell is the “guy” that makes the knight rider car. He has a cool website- I’ll get the linky in a sec. http://www.roblouisell.com/
    We were Parole/Probation Field Agents and then he said Screw these idiots and retired/quit to do cars full time. He’s been on several TV shows and was flown out to California for the series. He ‘s the one that made the car!
    and ..a Utube video. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n2oK_Yxw2e4

    TOO COOL!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. seriously????? a presidential address at the beginning of the criminals minds season opener? who’s dead? i know the economy is in the can…tell me who blew the junk up?!?!?!?!!!!

  6. I LOVE that photo 🙂 The leaves are already starting to change here.

    I’m so out of the loop right now with TV. I’m really bummed about it too.

    Our birthday’s are 2 days apart!

  7. *sigh* the photo was enough to keep me here for a while. I really miss the changing foliage in the fall. *sigh* palm trees aren’t nearly as pretty this time of year.

  8. I like CSI but I hardly ever watch it. Too busy with school. BUT! I do make time to watch The First 48. You totally need to watch it. It’s on A&E. I am ADDICTED.

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