Weekend Update aka My Rock N Roll Lifestyle


I was TOTALLY going to blog about TV today.. but I’m not since I don’t watch Monday shows. Tonight is grocery store night..

Anyway..this weekend we played Rock Band 2. It was decided that we were going to allow Daddy back into the game. db became a semi-retired band and drewsedge was born. I am no longer the singer..OMG can you believe that? I am now the guitar player, Drew is the drummer and daddy is the singer. This is a bad idea..why you ask? Because I can only play the guitar on easy..I tend to push the buttons too hard and now I have sore fingertips. 🙂
We have 2 bands right now.. db is me as the lead singer and Drew as the guitar/or drums. We’re doing well too. You should have heard me sing Limelight by Rush.. no really. I should record us and put us on You Tube.. lol that would be hysterical..me on the couch w/ the dog.. quite the Rocking Family…

When we were home and the Xbox was on..if we weren’t playing Rock Band we were playing Viva Pinata. We each have a garden.. J trys to make money, Drew breeds animals.. and me, I just like to make it look purty.

Saturday we went to Six Flags..it was packed! We rode the Tony Hawk roller coaster for the first time. All 3 of us. That was fun.

Anyone else do anything exciting over the weekend?

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  1. I want to Rock out with you on Rock Band some day. 🙂 I stick with medium but only if I’ve practiced for awhile. I do love me some Rock Band.

    Nothing to exciting going on here. We finally found a house. Woot! Not that I’m excited or anything.

  2. I am awful at Rock Band. That is unless I’m singing. Give me the guitar or drums and it’s over. Even though I can play Guitar Hero I can’t play the Guitar on Rock Band. You should totally post a video! That would be awesome.

    Sounds like you had a fun weekend! Mine was stressful…MOVING AHHHHH. It’s draining every once of energy I have.

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