Weekend Update aka Coach, Ike and Hike


Like the play on words?? Get it..well I try, that is about as good as it gets here.

Friday i went to the purse party. 3 purses, including the Coach tote for $125. Not bad 🙂

Saturday was busy. I did oodles of laundry…pretty much got caught up. Read my book, took Dad to mass, went to a church picnic, then watched a movie. Our priest got made a Msg… hope they don’t move him 😦

Sunday we were going to be able to sleep until 9:30. Hurricane Ike had other ideas. OMG the fricking wind. I guess it was 60mpg.. and there was no way in hell I could sleep. The flooding in our area was horrible, me personally I came out fine, just a wet floor in the basement. I have co-workers that had 4 feet of water..remember I’m in the middle of the country. I how it was in TX. There was a woman here in town who went to move her car and ended up in the mouth of the Mississippi River rushed there in the rain waters. Crazy.

J and I went to the home opener Ram’s Game. I think I went as much to see Eli Manning as the Rams. Game was fun. Holt had a touchdown. I had a $8 bloody mary…the half time show SUCKED. The cheerleaders looked like fricking clowns. Fun time.

Last night when I got home I finished my book  and laundry and then watched True Blood. I am so addicted to that show. Tonight is the season finale of The Closer.

Anything exciting coming up this week? I go to the eye doc on Wednesday. I still need to make a hair appt..maybe tomorrow.


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  1. Hey MP! Gosh, it’s been a while since I’ve been over here! Hmm…so there are actually purse parties? I would totally be in bigger trouble than $125!! Although, that’s quite a hefty tag!

    Hope things are going well for you!

  2. Tell me more about these purse parties of which you speak!

    Sounds like a busy weekend. And yes, that wind was surprising. I didn’t realize a friend had been flooded out of her place until I saw her apt building on the news!
    Next year I’ll give good warning…and you all can come w/ me. You donate a purse..then bid on the purses the other women bought.. it’s at my step sons school. 🙂

  3. I only had a little water in the basement, no biggie, there’s not much of anything down there anyway. Are you gonna go the the interactive festival, it’s like a mini-blogher and only 15 bucks? I should be there friday and onedadslife and roseyland are going, I think.

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