Brilliant Fundraising


Pick A Purse Party.

Yep..I’m going to Drew’s school tonight for a purse party. The mom club hosts it. I think EVERY school should do this. Brainless really.

You invite’s, grandma’s, daughters, aunts, friend; the women-folk. To enter the “party”..which is held on site to keep overhead low…you bring a purse. Any purse will do. It’s for the children!! You can donate a $250 Coach or a $30 Target bag..whatever. It’s best to choose something cute.

You go in and look on the table. It’s FOOD. dips, snacks… and what’s that over there? OPEN BAR! Women scramble around setting up tables…with what? Purses!! and Bid Sheets!. So w/ your beer/martini/wine you walk around checking out the purses. You mark down how much you would like to pay for the Target Bag.. $5, $10.. then some women bid against you and it’s WAR. After 3 or 4 beers/wines/martinis.. you say, “I don’t care!!” and mark $75 for that $30 bag. But you know what, when Sister comes by ringing that bell telling you that round is over, you have pride that you won..and a good buzz. When the purse is awarded there may be a little something inside.. Gift card, never know!

SO..that is what I’m doing tonight. My MIL, J’s Aunt and my friend Holly are joining me. I can’t wait to see what purses I get. I’m looking for a black purse.. last year I got a tan and red one.

Hope everyone has a super weekend. You Texas friends stay safe!

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  1. Oooohhh…I’ve lately been a big fan of purses with the “G” (guess, gucci) but can only afford knock off or Ross versions.

    Take a pic and show us what you got…and I don’t mean of the food. 😉

  2. I’m going to have to bring this up at the next mommy meeting! What a great idea, altho I seriously doubt the Catholics will allow us to have an open bar in the high school cafeteria…

    Umm.. we’re Catholic

  3. I got 3 purses.. A Coach Leather “tote”, a black one w/ a scarf tied around it..cute, very different and a cute little Kathy Van Zeeland.. all for $125. I donated a cute tommy hilfiger purse that cost me $35.. Not bad!

  4. Let me rephrase that, we’re catholic, my son goes to a catholic high school. I’ve never seen alcohol on the school grounds, but I wish they would! I didn’t mean to insult anyone, I didn’t realize until after how it sounded, especially if you don’t know me. I usually have trouble walking because both feet are in my mouth!

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