Vacation Mode


I have just officially began vacation mode. NO I’m not on vacation nor am I going anywhere soon. It’s just that June 2009 we get our first “week” in Aruba at our timeshare.

We would like my in-laws to come at the same time so I had to call and ask some questions. I did and decided to google to see how construction was going. Yes..we purchased a time share on a place that was going to be hadn’t started yet.. we did it on faith. WELL we have friends now in Aruba that have been keeping us posted, and I read a story today.

June is less than a year away. I can smell the salt air already..the beautiful thing was throwing that Hilton Head South Carolina trip in there. I guess that is the thing..I need to see the ocean twice a year. Now I know.

SO.. I haven’t read any blogs again today, been on twitter a bit.

Big Brother.. Time for the Part 3 HOH Competition. Dan is SUCH a good player. I would love to see Jerry win HOH just to screw up his plans.

Tonight is The Greatest American Dog finale. GO Presley!!

I’m going to hook up my parents Wifi tonight, wish me luck.

If you said you were watching the HBO show True Blood then you need to read this blog, Blood Copy.
warning: time suck…pun intended


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  1. “The Greatest American Dog”? Really? And here I’ve been wondering what quality television I may have been missing…

    You know I say that with love, Mary Pat. And “True Blood” does sound good… I’ll have to try that one.

    Cheers to Vacation Mode!

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