My Vampire Addiction


OK, like 1/2 of you out that I was sucked into the life that is Bella and Edward. I finished all of the books then just sat here.

I’ve tried Ann Rice but couldn’t really get into her stories, I’m not sure why…although it’s been a while, maybe I should try again.

After a weekend of funning around, BMW Golf, Soccer and sunburt I sat down around 7:44 to twitter. I saw that there was a new show on TV about vampires. I thought, “why the hell not”.. and I did…and OMG I’m totally sucked in.

True Blood is on HBO. You know how HBO is, they repleat the episode 457 times so you are sure not to miss it.

This is NOT a Twilight rip off. I think the story is based on a gal who already wrote 8 books. Sookie is the mortal, she can also read minds. Bill is the 173 year old Vampire…and in this society Vampires are “out”…but discriminated against.

If you did watch it, what did you think? If not watch it this week and get caught up.
Note..if you are a Big Brother fan…Tuesday is a live show!!

If I haven’t read your blog in a week…I still love you; I’m just really behind.


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  1. I am so glad to hear about this new show. I became a recent Twilight addict myself…at 32 I had no inclination to read ANYTHING vampire till my neighbor said I HAD to read this. (the description of the first kiss made my friend feel like she was 17 again…so I thought, why not?) So I read them all in 3 weeks. And now I am sad they are finished! I will take a look this new show on HBO. THANKS!!

  2. I am a huge Twilight fan, as you know. I am really bummed that there is no more Bella and Edward. It’s sad. Hopefully in a few years she’ll write another book about them. For now I think I’m gonna pick up The Host, by Stephanie Meyer. I’ve heard it’s good.

    Wish I had HBO! 😦

  3. Sometimes I don’t feel like I ever catch up! LOL!
    With either laundry or blogging! 😛

    We don’t have HBO either, but about the Vampire thing, I don’t know what it is, but at first when my husband was watching Blade, I didn’t pay much attention to it. Then I sat down, and I got into watching it.

  4. I have been hearing about these vampire books and there seems to be a craze right now. I don’t have time for the things already in my life… can’t get involved in one more thing… I will have to hear about it through you instead.

  5. Oh honey, you say, “if I haven’t read your blog in a week…, and I say “if I haven’t read your blog in a month or two…”

    I’m soooooooooooo behind.

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