Slacker Central


You are at the right place if you are ready to read NOTHING..

**crickets chirp**

I have ZERO motivation to do anything. I’m not even going to spell check. I’ve talked to a dozen customers..IM’ed w/ Dolce and Biddy.. tweeted a couple tweets and watched the PGA tournament on line.

I have 2 brilliant posts. I hope I remember them next week.

Gustav just left us..we built an arc.. NO..not really but it rained alot and now it’s like 60 degrees outside and my body thinks it’s fall.

I haven’t read anyone’s blog. Well, I lie. I read Bossy and Pioneer Woman today. That long weekend screwed me up and I just haven’t been the same.

OH.. I made an eyeball appt for the 17th. Dolce’s friend is going to be an eye doc and goes to a local university. They think they may be able to help so i don’t feel like ripping my eyeballs out. Yeah!

OK..have a great weekend.

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  1. Bossy was an easy read today. Perfect for a lazy day.

    Gustav left us with fall behind him too, bastard! I saw kids get on the bus this mornig with hats and gloves and I was like, ummm, a bit much, but yeah it is 20 degrees colder than two days ago which was 10 degrees colder than the day before.


  2. It’s fall like weather for Texas that’s for sure.

    You haven’t missed jack at my place, beacause I’ve been working my patootie off with the hurrincanes and my brain becomes mush when I get home.
    You did win my givewaway for the coupon for the cocopuffs. I can see your intense over excitement bursting. 🙂

    WOO HOO… I feel like it’s been months since I’ve been to your blog

  3. Gawd, as you can see I have zero motivation this week, too. I feel sorta guilty, but at the same time, eh, it’s my space on the internet, I’ll write when I feel like it. All my BlogHer pics are up on flickr finally, but that’s is as ambitious as I’ve gotten this week. In other news, my best friend Dan is on his way home from Afghanistan as we speak, I talked to his wife tonight and she gave me the update. 😉

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