Daily Archives: August 29, 2008

Your one shop post..everything you needed to know…


In the past a couple people told me they like my random blabbing..so that is what I’ll do. Fill you in on what is going on in the world, bullet style.

  • It’s a long weekend. No work for me on Monday. Woo hoo.
  • Sarah Palin our new VP candidate has given me hope for the GOP. I hope not to bring up politics much..but I like her.
  • Dolce’s friend is going to school to be an eye doc..her university clinic is cool w/ me being a patient. Helpfully I’ll make an appointment for next week.
  • Gustav COULD be the most powerful hurricane since Katrina..but what do they know? The year after Katrina we were supposed to have more hurricanes then ever and I don’t think we had any. This weekend will be interesting.
  • I’ve been loving the Twilight book series but I’m not looking forward to the movie. I can’t stand the actor that is going to play Edward.
  • Last night was double elimination on Big Brother. Ollie and Michelle were knocked off. J and I were happy w/ that. It will be interesting what happens now. If I were there I would get rid of Renny. She hasn’t pissed alot of people off and would not be a person I could win with in the bottom two.
  • My friend’s friends..follow me?? They adopted a little girl, got her home…a month later the biological dad said he wants the baby back..they went to court, a few weeks later the baby went back to the B dad. Can you believe that still happens??? How does an adoption go through before both biological parents are 100% signed off on this stuff. OMG.
  • David  Duchovny went to rehab cuz he’s addicted to sex. Never quite understood that.
  • I think I broke or sprained my pinky toe..the right foot. It got stuck on the doorframe. Ouch.
  • Did you hear about all those decapitated bodies they found in Mexico..makes you wonder about vampires, doesn’t it? Oh..
  • They are STILL investigating the Zodiac Killer.
  • September 9th they are announcing new iPod Nano’s and Touch’s. I double it’s due to the technology changing, it must just be due to the almighty dollar.
  • Mackenzie Phillips was arrested at the airport for having coke and heroin. First off who goes to the airport with drugs? Second..OMG. Had she been clean and sober all these years or was it all a lie. She was such an anti drug advocate and did Disney TV. I don’t think you just fall off the wagon…when you have it stuck in your waistband at an airport. I feel so strongly about this cause she was one of the people I watched everyweek on TV..and I thought she made it through the storm. (yeah I know that sounds gay)..AND she and I share the same birthday, but she’s older.
  • Sinbad and I have the same birthday too.
  • Biddy’s birthday is Sunday.
  • Tempered Woman’s birthday is today. She moved to Colorado.

I hope everyone has a wonderful safe weekend. Not quite sure what we’re doing. Sometimes it’s great not having plans.