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Thursday 13 – Wordless Wednesday – and other stuff

Old Cathedral and Arch

Old Cathedral and Arch

So… I don’t do the normal stuff and I thought I would today. There is a picture..a day late. I edited the image using Flickr’s Picnic Premium..that I got as a present from Bri… Swag from Blogher.

Here are 13 things that I am OVER…
1. The election. I’m about puking over all the twittering and crying over Hillary and Barak’s wife. I tell you what. Please..but then I was the one that cried 16 years ago when Bill was elected, and they were NOT tears of joy. I am so glad I don’t have to watch live TV anymore and can skip all this BS. Just give me my ballot already. No, I don’t want to debate it either. I used to wear my politics on my sleeve and “fight” the fight..whatever, I’m too tired for that.

2. My eyeballs. I only read for 2 hours last night and the pressure from trying to focus was killing me. I ended up making a temporary patch out of toilet paper. Dolce’s friend is going to school to be an eye doctor..I’m hoping maybe university would like me as a guinea pig.

3. Old People. I think that someone needs to find that fountain of youth already. My parents are getting way too old and this is stoopid. They need about 30 years back. OK..someone work on that right away.

4. The Olympics. Lucky for me, they are over. It got old after a while, didn’t it?

5. Ass Kissers. I work at an office where some people do some serious ass kissing. These people really are trying to hang on to their jobs.

6. Road Construction. Our main Highway 44/I64 is under MAJOR construction, due to this many of the “artery” roads are under construction. I drive 20 ish miles a day to and from work and am constantly surrounded my orange cones.

7. Child Abusers. Come on.. Instant Death Penalty. Enough said.

8. Waiting for Thanksgiving to release new movies. Come on people.. I see movies for free. I want a decent selection at the theater.

9. Fat. Yes I’m talking about me and my poor eating habits. I’m not in my fat clothes but I’m not in my skinny clothes either.. I’m in the middle and need to go down, not teeter on going up. K?

10. Biting My Nails. I’m 41..you think I’d be done w/ this habit already.

11. Zits. See above, 41 NOT 14. I’m sick of these things.

12. Rimmy. You are dead to me. No i’m just kidding. Testing to see if you are reading or not. You in jail..?? Email me!

13. Money. I think that we should all barter or something. I’ll rub your shoulders for an hour a day..and I don’t pay a mortgage. You… I’ll fix you dinner every other Tuesday I don’t have a cell phone bill. Think it will work?