The Only 4 Meme


Gregg tagged me for the 4 Meme

Four place I go to over and over:
My parents

Four people who e-mail me (regularly):
friend Carol
friend Michelle
friend Biddy

Four places I would rather be right now:
Hilton Head
New York City

Four TV shows/programs that I watch over and over:
No Reservations (Anthony Bourdaine)
Trauma Life in the ER
right now..
Big Brother Ten
The Closer
It’s not fair I can’t name them all but this meme is for only 4

Four things I have for breakfast:

Four animals I like best:

Four beaches I’ve been to:
The beaches of Aruba
Hilton Head
Laguna Beach

Tagging 4 people..I’m not gonna tell you..just do it. 🙂
Grandma J
Manager Mom
(chosen cuz they were the next 4 blogs I have to read!)

11 responses »

  1. Yep, pink extension! I’m very excited. I will def post pics.

    I’m hoping that the new judge will inspire Randy to give useful comments and Paula to show up sober. Then again, I like drunk Paula. She’s like that weird Aunt in the family. that everyone loves to talk about!

  2. I am in love with BB10

    you know… i’ve never been inside Dierbergs. I’m going to make it a POINT to go there this weekend.

    I’ll put my tag up manana 🙂
    And i’m finally adding THIS blog to my reader . I had your other one. And I MUST check out your blogroll… ummhmmm

  3. Big Brother rocks this year. Things are heating up I’m not sure I want to go on my cruise and miss three episodes. I heart Dan, and I love watching BBAD

    Thank you for tagging me. I will do it Friday if that ok…hm?

  4. I was going to go to the new Target at 141 & Clayton today when I was up there…but forgot. Do go to Dierbergs regularly. Are they anywhere but in St. Louis? Dierbergs, not Target ; )

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