Link to Bathroom Pics


Click here to see bathroom pics. There aren’t pictures of the finished product yet..cuz there is still some painting that needs to be done and towel racks that need to go up.

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  1. LOVE the new bathroom. It’s purty! I’m so jealous of the sprayers in the shower. I’ve always wanted a shower like that. I think that it looks more like a sanctuary than a bathroom!

  2. I just looked at your shower pictures! I would kill for that shower. I love the tile and I don’t know if it’s called coving or what but the rounded edge is gorgeous.

    Now excuse my while I go run through the sprinklers and pretend I’m in your shouwer.

  3. Good choices MP! Bathroom looks well on it’s way to being done! We had a problem with the toilet that ruined walls and crown molding but it’s all fixed again and never going to leak again! My renovator promised! LOL!! I like the sink…it’s all modern and such!

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