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Weekend Update AKA Sports Central


SO I think I can have a new name for Drew. Whiner Boy..I’ll remind him of this when he gets older. I’m hoping it’s a phase.

He was fine Friday night. I picked him up from school (school is close to my work) and we went home. We did alot of nothing…which he does very well.. jumping from the computer to the TV to the XBox to the PSP..you get the picture.  Video marathon..which someday will be an Olympic Sport..just watch.

Saturday morning we get up bright and early.. J stays home and does his thing, I drag the child w/ me to Office Max for ink for the printer and surprise him w/ a trip to Game Stop. We go in and look for about 30 minutes. He finds 2 Spidermen movies for $12 bucks total..bonus.. of course we get home and his charger is at Mommy’s.. uggg.. We bought him 4987 of them and somehow he brings them all home. We’re going to have to search his bags before he leaves.

I get on the computer and am trying to get all of my Hilton Head photos edited cuz my MIL wants a CD w/ the pictures…. So it’s like cramming for a test. I still didn’t finish but was ready to burn a disc. Legit question: Can you burn a disc of your photos FROM Flickr?   

So…time to go. We met my MIL at J’s aunt’s house so we could all ride in the same car downtown to the Cardinal game. We had free parking and free tickets from my work. It’s Saturday afternoon and it’s 847 degrees outside..and SUNNY. No problem though, we’re in the shade. No problem at all.

We get to the ball park:

We are NOT in the shade, we have BETTER seats and we’re in the sun. The child goes ballistic..OK that is not entirely true (his dad reads the blog)…but he can complain and complain and his dad took him around the park 385478 times. They did get to see the Albert home run…

Meanwhile I’m slathering on the SPF 8.. EIGHT, can you believe it? I didn’t pack 50 or 30 even cuz I thought we were in the shade. So as I sit there getting skin cancer my beautiful husband comes back to the seats  with one of those squirty bottles w/ the fan. I lurve him.  We make it to the top of the 8th, we’re down by one run..then BOOM…CRASH. Thunder, Lightning… I look at my little family, pick up my purse and say.. “ooo, lets get out of here”. My MIL says “really?”…OK I like baseball too but come on already.

Drew is VERY excited we’re leaving. He hates baseball, it’s hot and now we’re going to the football game! What? I didn’t mention to you that we were going to the Ram’s game that evening…which is IN doors…in the AC…and it’s football not baseball.

Here is the kicker. We purchased our tickets online and we have to pick them up at a hotel in downtown St Louis before 7pm. Game time is at 7:30pm…. it is now after 5pm. We still have to take my MIL back to J’s aunt’s house..and right now I’m one huge sweaty mess and I wanna change clothes.

We step outside of the stadium to a DOWNPOUR. If you live in the St Louis area and are saying to yourself “what is MP talking about, it didn’t rain on Sat”.. trust me, it did downtown.

Right then I realize…I gotta go pick these tickets up and I need to just make a run for it. J, Drew and MIL walk AROUND the stadium to the garage. I walk across 2 parking lots and up the street to the hotel. It was some rain..BIG, HARD, WET Rain.. If I didn’t have my glasses on I wouldn’t have been able to see because it was pounding my face. I was soaked. 100% ..ALL of my hair, my shirt, shorts, underwear, everything. You know what though, I wasn’t hot anymore or sweaty. By the last street I actually slowed my walking, it didn’t hurt as bad that way. This drunk hoosier smoking a cig under the awning says, “You just don’t care do ya?”.. I just smiled and said “Nope”.

I walk into the hotel, literally dripping. I don’t know if I should shake like a dog or what. I went for just unsticking my clothes from my body and slurping the rain that was dripping down my face. I went to the counter and asked the gal where I pick up Ram’s tickets. She points to the direction behind me and tells me to go to that table. Remember I’m 100% wet. I can’t even dry off my glasses in order to see. I can hear though..and I hear my full maiden named yelled across the lobby. My old boyfriend works for the ticket place. Well he’s not my old boyfriend…he was my something for quite a few years until J came around. I used him.. he had a dry shirt…he dried my glasses. We chatted for a few minutes then I had to deal with trying to find my MIL, J and Drew.. After a few “where are you, what street, wheres”… they find me I get in the car.. Drew wants to know why Grasshopper (he thought that is what I said his name was), my old BF dumped me. He thought it was hysterical…then J mentions how some girls would freak not looking “their best” and running into an X..and I have to say it didn’t cross my mind AT ALL.. honest Abe. I don’t really think I was ever with anyone that cared or acted like the cared. I could have a zit on my forehead and run into my boyfriend from when I was 16 and I wouldn’t care. I have to figure that no matter what I look like now…if you knew me at all you have seen me worse.

SO.. we drop off my MIL get our Jeep go home…take showers get dressed… and OMGwe’re not going to make it by half time, it is THE END OF THE WORLD. We do make it before half time… and the seats are flipping awesome…and who the heck is this angel child sitting with me. It’s football..Ram’s…who cares if it’s preseason. The child is so hysterically happy and grateful. The Ram’s are winning. I ordered a $94 beer..or whatever they are..and sit and relax. Then comes half time… we went to the store got some kick ass nachos and a huge soda..I think the bill was $49.53 or something like that.

Game over, Ram’s win…small delay in the garage where the child can practice his whining again…Steak N Shake then home.

Sunday the angel child was NOT looking forward to church..he wiggled and waggled until communion time..he likes that part. We spent an afternoon of video games and TV….after we dropped him off w/ Mommy we let out a collective sigh.. some weekends are just more work than others.

I did get to watch a bunch of Ben 10 episodes.. I like that show. I got one hug, I stole a kiss on the lips…and I got a game for my DS while I was at Game Stop.

9 year olds will be 9 year olds…and boys will be boys..

I hope you all had an eventful weekend too!!

Tonight I’m doing a book swap w/Bri and we’re going to get BBQ.

Bri’s actually helping feed my addiction to the Twilight series 🙂


Hilton Head Sunrise

Hilton Head Sunrise

Nope, the bathroom pictures are not ready yet. I did spend time though playing on flickr this weekend. Scroll down…see my flickr pictures..there are a bunch more up now.. click and go see. See one you want big? Let me know I’m going to be ordering a bunch of prints soon.

Weekend update that you won’t want to miss later this afternoon 🙂