Did you know…

  • If you eat a peach then suck on a cheery Commit lozenge…then burp..it tastes like beer. For reals.
  • That I  went to http://www.yearbookyourself.com/ and put in a picture of myself. OMG I look like my mother!! But I can’t cuz I’m adopted!
  • My hair is in summer length..where I can put it in a ponytail and it’s driving me nuts.
  • I read that Twilight book in about 6 hours. I’m going to borrow the next 3 from Bri but I’m trying to pace myself. I LOVE the story. I want to BE Bella. I hate the actors chosen for the movie though.
  • I didn’t watch any olympics last night.
  • Everyone that comments on my blog is so sweet! I wasn’t looking for a “rock star” pick me up..but you did..pick me up that is. ♥
  • I bet it will take forever to get through my “to do list”.. ugg, I need to be rich and hire a personal assistant.
  • Healthy Choice Pizza’s have the WORST red sauce ever..and it’s giving me the burps.
  • I do the work of people in my company that are getting paid 6 figures, that’s why I have no guilt of pausing to read blogs and blog thoughout the day…and that is NOT bragging, it’s the stinking truth.
  • Rimmy still hasn’t surfaced 😦
  • My husband upgraded his phone. I think it can do everything including our taxes and wash the car.
  • When I upgraded my phone I downgraded and picked one that had buttons big enough so I could play tetris.
  • My mother is driving me crazy.

Anything else that I should know? Or am I good??


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  1. ROFL at the Tetris!!! That is something I would do 🙂

    I hear you on the UN-Healthy choice food. Some of their stuff is just foul 😦

    I really need to check out what all the madness is about with Twilight!

  2. If Healthy Choice Pizza’s have the WORST red sauce that makes you burp, and when you burp after taking a Commit Lozenge it tast like beer…..I think you hit pay dirt!!

  3. My cell SUCKS! I have to pay $250 to get out of the contract. Because I am cheap I’ll live with the suckage.

    My Mom almost always drives me crazy.

    I’d totally be your roomie at Blogher next year!

  4. eating 2 candy corns and one peanut at the same time tastes JUST LIKE a Payday…

    and seriously? i don’t know if i should be worried ab0ut or super pissed at rimmy

  5. Yes Biddy…I did know that about the candycorn/peanut thing. I blogged about it years ago, I think that is how you learned about it…or maybe not.

    anniem wants to be my roomie 🙂 Have you all seen her kids? Seriously they need to be on magazine covers…

  6. I agree with the Healthy Choice Pizza. So gross! Congrats on still not smoking. When I quit back in the winter I used the Commit and they worked wonders (except for the fact I started back hehe). They never tasted like beer though!

    I’m almost done with the first book, I have less than 100 pages to go. I can’t wait to see where this story goes! I’m in loooove with Edward :o)

  7. I’m gonna try this yearbook thingy.

    And I’m glad to hear you’re still eating the Commit lozenges! And they taste like beer after eating a peach? What a bonus.

  8. All that burping is a sure sign of GERD- watch out girlfriend, it can get fierce.

    I think I know more about you now than I do my own sister : )

    BTW, thanks for your feedback on the commenting thing; I am looking forward to summarizing all the opinions I get for a grand old post about what we all think about commenting. Have a great weekend!

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