Daily Archives: August 18, 2008

Why I am Not a Rock Star Blogger


Rock Star Bloggers have been quite the talk lately on the Internet. Some of my favorite bloggers and people on twitter have been making comments ever since the big Blogher convention (that I did not attend)   (maybe next year)

So…do you aspire or dream of becoming a rock star blogger??

I think it would be alot of work first off and I’m a bit too lazy to try that hard. Then there is the whole thing about me being a very poor writer and speller. (can I blame the Catholic schools or is it my lack of hard work?)  I see bloggers out there that are doing everything to whore their sites and get more readers. Is it for popularity? Money from ads (one of these days I’ll get some) or is it their break into a serious career?  I of course do not blog for a living. I blog pretty much for myself. I would think by the topics of my posts that you would realize that. I talk about my bathroom, crazy mom and to do lists…along w/ some random book and tv stuff. I do not have the type of blog posts that web sites would crawl to and beg me to “guest post”… I’m not talking about when you go on vacation and ask me to guest post (biddy and dolce did once)

I read some rock star blogs.. Pioneer Woman/Dooce/Bossy  for three.. you know where you are 1 of 1000 and don’t feel the need to comment cause what’s the difference.  Then there are people that SHOULD be considered Rock Star but not enough people know about them yet, kind of like The Jason Show…but he’s getting there…what him be a guest speaker at blogher next year, that is my prediction. Then there is Robyn at Pocket Aces… there are only 2 people that comment on her blog.. WHY? She is SO Rock Star material. (I don’t feel like linking today….these people are all on my blogroll)

There are a few bloggers that I don’t read anymore, and it’s kind of sad. You know you come here and leave a comment you KNOW I’m reading your blog too..and it’s a bloggy friendship. I’ve found a few of those Rock Star blogger wanna be’s that just got too big for their britches. Once they became big enough for some recognition they quit reading blogs or leaving comments…cause they were writing for this blog and that blog. I have to tell you the biggest turn off for me is “I’m not here today check me out at this blog”… I never click over…unless you are doing a guest post for someone on vacation, not one of those parenting blogs..cause you know what? I’m a step mom …I already know everything 🙂

You following my rant and rave at all? I’m not naming names cause you know what, some of the people that I consider Rock Star may be no body’s to you..or they may be your best buddy.

Maybe I’m still a little bitter about that ad site. I don’t remember my name..but back when I was still on blogger I signed up for this site where you can pick items to talk or advertise. Stuff like you could get $8 if you talk about a laundry detergent or a website… I LOVE doing surveys and stuff and thought that would be something fun to add to my blog, especially since I was on a waiting list at blogher. The corporation turned me down. They said that my blog had too many run on sentences, misspelled words and not a theme. OMG asswipes…it’s like they told me my brain was dysfunctional. Cause that’s how I think..in run on sentences that are spelled the way they sound with lots of …. dots….  Even since then I have hung my hat on the idea of ever becoming a rock star blogger. I think it would suck to no appreciate every single person that reads my blog.

I have to tell you…speaking of Rock Star bloggers…you know who does it SO well… Sandy at Momisodes. She has like 40 plus people that comment on her blog and she always comes here a couple times a week at least and leaves me a comment…and I see her commenting all over the place too. THAT is a classy rock star blogger. Don’t you think?  You read Sandy? You should.

And I’m leaving you with an update on my To Do list.. (did you see Bossy copied off me and did her own to do list lol)

I spent any free minute this weekend reading …I started the Twilight series. I did NOT do anything w/ my pictures. I organized my husbands clothes and not mine. Rimmy is still MIA and Bri went out for karaoke way too late for my 41 year old body.

OK…gonna use spell check and hit publish.  I just read…I DO ramble don’t I?