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OK..My insider scoop has told me that there is an extra special guest on Big Brother Sunday, make sure to watch! I don’t want to spoil the surprise! Did you watch it last night? OMG I’m so glad Jesse is gone, he bugged me, especially those nude pictures..they weren’t hot, they kind of creeped me out. Poor Dan is gonna be targeted this week..Michelle is going to hold him responsible for getting Jesse knocked out of the house..but who will she put up withhim? NO I don’t want to know…we are staying away from Jokers Update this season.  I’d like to see Libra and April gone… I’m OK w/ Memphis and Remmy  even though I didn’t like them in the beginning.

So..guess what? Chicken Butt! LOL … OK, tonight I want to get my bathroom pictures taken, I will start to share now. J painted last night while I sang. What? Only one person could paint and we just got the American Idol game for the XBOX. I think I sang 40 songs while he primed and painted…then he asked me to stop. I had to practice for karaoke night with Bri, Rimmy and Biddy…and whoever else comes. This will be ultimate practice for Blogher ’09… especially since we are one of three remaining cities.. St Louis, Philly and Portland. We are the least exciting but obviously the most central and the least expensive.

OH..the bathroom. So the only thing NOT done is the door, which is on order…and the towel rings and holder. I am so fricking stoked. Tomorrow morning I can take a shower with new sprayers…oooohhhh aaahhh. They moved all their crap out of the house and are finishing up on some stuff. I did mention that this was family doing the they are doing things like fixing the kitchen light switch and the dryer vent..Oh and they decided I needed keyless entry in the backyard.

Today is 08/08/08 in case you didn’t know. I’m reading a book right now called The Eight. You would swear this woman was paying me to pimp her book but she’s not. I don’t know how I missed this book, it’s from the 80’s and she just wrote the sequel which comes out in October. Russian Spies, Chess, French Revolution, Africa, Oil, puzzles,’s ALL in this book. It’s a big book too but not a difficult read. There is math involved and I’m not very good at math, I did have to read some of those passages a few times..but I LOVE it. I’m so happy that when I’m half way finished I won’t have long to pick up the next book. Katherine Neville that wrote the book is from St Louis. Here is the deal…if you click on that link you can download a FREE copy of the book I’m reading. FREE. Offer is good until August 18th.

Other than that I don’t have much. I plan on watching the Olympics, sleeping in my own bed and taking a shower in my new bathroom.

Go read A Bun’s Life…she gave me bloggy’s in my blogging bling page. I have given that bloggy bling before…so I won’t give again..go to the original blog.. sweet family.



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  1. I love love BB. I am getting really annoyed with Michelle. She’s blaming Dan, Libra and Keesha for Jessie getting the boot….but April’s the one who put him on the block. I really think she’s gonna put up Libra and Keesha. Libra took her Hawaiian trip…like she wouldn’t have done the same!

  2. Just stumbled across your blog – and thanks so much for the link to Katherine Neville’s book!!! I read her three books several years ago and LOVED them. And, I had no idea she had a new one coming out!! So now I’ve downloaded my freebie copy (which I feel okay about, since I did already buy one – I don’t want to deprive her of my sale!) and will happily start rereading it before the next one comes out. Excitingly, for me anyway, it’s been long enough that I don’t really remember the story to this one (Magic Circle was my favorite), so I feel like I have some extra fun to look forward to!

    (Sorry to geek out here, but I’m very excited that you had this info up!)

  3. Annie you are more than welcome to geek out on books whenever you want to 🙂
    I am so excited when I find a new author and will for sure read Katherine Neville’s other books after I read The Eight and The Fire.

  4. Ah books. Can’t wait till I have time for books again. Sooo, it looks like we will be pagging through your neck of the woods on the way to our new home. Any recommended places for us in that area?

  5. Bathroom Pictures come up after the shower door is installed, which should be this week. My first hot shower in my bathroom was Sunday morning… It was divine…

  6. I was SO excited to see Jessie go. Michelle is really starting to aggrevate me. She was so rude after she won HOH. She’ll be gone next week hopefully. I’m hoping that Keesha wins POV. It’s finally starting to get good. This season started out really slow. So glad to hear the bathroom is done! Can’t wait to see pictures.

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