Girl Crush Time


Leisha Hailey

This is one of those things that boys don’t do…you don’t see heterosexual men claiming to have a “man crush” you? Not normally.

Danielle-Lee had her list up today and I thought it was interesting..some of those people I was like, Oh yea..I LOVE Sandra Bullock..really..but not like that.

So here are my main celebrity crushes..girls I think are hotties. My husband had NOTHING to say about this list, I know who he likes.. natalie imbruglia…

In NO particular order of hotness…

Brittany Murphey

Amanda Peet


 Mary Louis Parker



Who are your five??


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  1. Oooh! That’s hard. I’ll have to think about it. I like Brittany Murphy most of the time, but there are those times when she’s just not all that hot. I heart Amanda Peet. Great topic!

  2. Those ladies aren’t my favorites but you picked some SMOKIN’ pictures … and so now I may have to revise my opinion. AGAIN. 😉

  3. I don’t know. Alyssa Milano is for sure hubs crush. 🙂 I also agree with the commenter who said Jennifer Garner she’s just the good girl/bad girl look. Jamie Lee Curtis is just beautiful..don’t know about “hot” but I know I’d love to look as good as she does at that age.

  4. Tori Amos, Jennifer Garner, Natascha McElhone (Karen in Californication), Kylie Minogue, and Christine Baranski.

    I’m playing this correctly, right?

  5. Brittany Murphy? Really? Minus the pic I would have never thought of her “like that”.

    I gotta go with Sandra Bullock and Eva Mendez. Beautiful women indeed.

  6. Wow, some foxy chics there. Gawsh, I never thought of a girl crush. I guess I’d have to chose Angelina first though and then pehaps Reese Witherspoon (just adorable), Charlize Theron, Faith Hill, and Scarlett Johansen. I guess I am a big blonde fan : )

  7. I’m not laughing Sarah…
    Yes are TOTALLY doing it correct 🙂

    Angelina is sexy, I’ll give you that but those tattoos are such a turn off for me.. I do agree though w/ Scarlett Johanssen. She is hot..

    Hi Maxie..welcome to my humble abode.. YES..>Racael McAdams, I agree!

    Hi Rhea! See..for me Marlee Matlin is Children of the Lesser God’s..wait, she was hot in that too! Maybe I need to rethink my list.

  8. Can men play?

    My wife would be number one on the list.


    Kajol, the Bollywood Actress – Beautiful, Exotic, Charismatic, Approachable, Gorgeous, Talented, and that beautiful, warm smile …

    Rachel McAdams – Charming! Beautiful. Feminine.

    Amy Adams – Multi – talented, triple threat – sings, dances, acts, and can be so innocent, yet so beautiful and intelligent. Comes across as an approachable, kind, patient, and capable woman.

    Emmy Rossum – Truly among the most beautiful women in the entertainment business. She is a reliable actress, has an exceptionally beautiful, lyrical, pleasant singing voice with great range, timber, and versatility. Her facial features – those doe like eyes, those beautiful lips, that soft, sweet smile, that beautiful nose, those amazing locks – are among the most beautiful on any woman, and her bone structure is just plain mesmerizing! Pure femininity mixed with wonderful talent, and a warm, sweet smile!

    Michelle Yeoh – She does it all. She has brains, beauty, guts, and talent. She did and does dangerous stunts, keeping up with the likes of Jackie Chan and others. She shines in her films, whether in a dramatic part, or an action-adventure story, a comedy, or a romance. A better James Bond movie character as a Chinese Secret Agent than Haley Berry’s CIA agent “Jinx.”

    Thandy Newton – Versatile, beautiful

    Kelly Hu – Did the gods shower beauty and femininity on her or what?

    Gabrielle Union – Has anyone more beautiful skin than Gabrielle Union? And that body, and beautiful face! And her acting talent is first rate!

  9. I LOVE Leisha Hailey. I can’t even explain it. But I am so glad her character on L-word is bisexual because then I know I have a chance with her (as a guy, or even a Lesbian-identified guy, which comes pretty close).

  10. bonjour.
    I love you…
    j’ai 26 n’est pas potit.j’ai 1 suis suis iranien
    Excusez-moi jo voudrais images sexi beaus homme et femme ou filles s’il vous plait.
    merci beaucoup.pardon

  11. ooohhh mmyy ggooodd..!!!! no puedo crer ke se haya muerto brittany murphy : ( pobresita era tan bonita y una exelente actriz ojala y haya disfrutado de su vida y su carrera 😥 mmm era genial..descansa en paz 😥 😥 😥 buaaa..°kiero llorar ok no!

  12. Natalie Portman, Kate Walsh, Mia Kirshner, Katie Holmes (pre Tom Cruise), Gwen Stefani, Reese Witherspoon, Laura Linney, Jennifer Aniston, and Sarah Jessica Parker. My list is long 🙂

  13. The reason guys don’t have top fives is because there are so many attractive women to list. it’s too much for us to focus on.

  14. Amandas peet es una ricura, piernas largas y nas nalgas preciosas. Sus senos estan de lujo y su boca demuestra lo rica que ha de mamar.

  15. You got some good ones no doubt.. but I’d go with..
    Arianny celest
    Naya Rivera
    Kelli hutcherson
    Bri & Bianca Feres ( as athletes )( n who doesn’t like twins! 🙂 )
    And not to be to obvious.. but..
    Ashley Greene
    And these are just a good start! 🙂 it’s hard to name just 5 ! Lol

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