I won a fuzzy bag!!


Check it out! I won the fuzzy pink bag from VDog…

It’s like a furry Ugg boot but it’s not, it’s a PURSE. I spent 30 minutes looking for a celebrity picture of Nicole Ritchie or Paris Hilton w/ an Ugg purse..but I only saw the boots. I love purses, I have a few “name brand” purses that I like but I’m not picky..right now I’ve been partial to Dooney & Bourke..I have 2 bags, one was wholesale the other was a gift. This little pink number is going to look SO cute on my arm. I don’t NEED a large purse anymore since I don’t need smokes or lighters in there. I need a new little wallet..hmmm wonder if I can win that anywhere???

In other news. GO to http://www.blogher.com and find the fricking poll. I can’t find it now but go there and vote for Blogher 09 to be in St Louis.. PLEASE!!!

There is a small chance they will be finished with the majority of the bathroom today..they SAID they would be I doubt it. The shower door will be installed someday next week so we’ll have a temporary curtain. J and I are going to pick out a paint color tonight and paint..although I doubt he lets me. He’s anal like that about painting.

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  1. Your poll wasn’t working earlier..at least for me..does yours track into the Blogher people??And I LOVE your wallet Miss Bri ..it would work w/ my larger purse…
    You may have to hook me up and then I can pay you on our kareoke…biddy..rimmy night..

  2. Cute purse! I want one! In addition to not needing the cigs and lighter, you will also be missing those tiny bits of tobacco that always spill out and end up in the bottom of the purse. BIG bonus!!

    I voted for St Louis for you!

  3. I love the purse! I voted too. I can’t tell you that I voted for Austin. That wouldn’t be nice. I think I’ll go no matter where it is. I might drive and pick up a few strays on my way.

  4. how cute is that bag!!!
    I’d have to vote for Blogher in Dallas…..way easier for me to make it next year. 🙂 Oooo, wait! I should vote for it to be somewhere on the east coast, so I can GET AWAY! 🙂

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