Daily Archives: August 6, 2008

I won a fuzzy bag!!


Check it out! I won the fuzzy pink bag from VDog…

It’s like a furry Ugg boot but it’s not, it’s a PURSE. I spent 30 minutes looking for a celebrity picture of Nicole Ritchie or Paris Hilton w/ an Ugg purse..but I only saw the boots. I love purses, I have a few “name brand” purses that I like but I’m not picky..right now I’ve been partial to Dooney & Bourke..I have 2 bags, one was wholesale the other was a gift. This little pink number is going to look SO cute on my arm. I don’t NEED a large purse anymore since I don’t need smokes or lighters in there. I need a new little wallet..hmmm wonder if I can win that anywhere???

In other news. GO to http://www.blogher.com and find the fricking poll. I can’t find it now but go there and vote for Blogher 09 to be in St Louis.. PLEASE!!!

There is a small chance they will be finished with the majority of the bathroom today..they SAID they would be I doubt it. The shower door will be installed someday next week so we’ll have a temporary curtain. J and I are going to pick out a paint color tonight and paint..although I doubt he lets me. He’s anal like that about painting.