Things that make me want to scream:

  • When your contractors don’t show up AT ALL and you lose a day of construction on the only bathroom in your house…and they didn’t even both to call…and their truck was parked at your house. The excuse was that it was a big huge resturant that is opening on Wed.. I hope I get a free meal.
  • When the Old Boys Network STILL exists alive and well in your industry in 2008..and you are a girl.
  • When you order Pizza Hut and they take 2 fricking hours to get to your house and the pizza is cold. They only give you a $15 credit..but you don’t have enough energy or will to bitch anymore.
  • When it’s 2853 degrees outside and you STILL don’t have the AC fixed in the Jeep.
  • When it takes 3 Excederine to even make a dent in your headache.
  • When the person that is supposed to answer phones takes a half day vacation and you are screwed cause the phone is ringing off the hook ALL DAY LONG..

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  1. I have learned in my lifetime that 99% of all contracters and construction workers are unreliable, flaky, and insincere. I’ve been driven right to the edge of insanity by many. WHY? Oh, why? Does anyone have any answers? Am I just making far too broad of a sweeping generalization?

    I can see I still have some unresolved issues to deal with.

  2. Oh, don’t contractors just make you crazy??? My favorite is when you take the morning (or entire day) off so that you can be there at the appointed time and they don’t show, don’t call and then call out of the blue days later asking for you to com let them in your house. Oh! And then they don’t apologize or even mention their failure to show last time. Grrrrrrr.

    I’m sorry you’re having a crappy day. You need beer. Or wine. Or both.

  3. Oh Lord. Get to the nearest hotel have a dip in the pool, a soak in the hot tub, then order some roomservice to your seriously air-conditioned room.

  4. My contractor is my COUSIN.. Oh yes, doing business w/ the family. I have to tell you they are doing a 100% AWESOME AWESOME job. It was decided today that we are going w/ a “framed” shower door instead of frameless..saves us around $600 and a week. 🙂

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