Daily Archives: August 5, 2008

Things that make me want to scream:

  • When your contractors don’t show up AT ALL and you lose a day of construction on the only bathroom in your house…and they didn’t even both to call…and their truck was parked at your house. The excuse was that it was a big huge resturant that is opening on Wed.. I hope I get a free meal.
  • When the Old Boys Network STILL exists alive and well in your industry in 2008..and you are a girl.
  • When you order Pizza Hut and they take 2 fricking hours to get to your house and the pizza is cold. They only give you a $15 credit..but you don’t have enough energy or will to bitch anymore.
  • When it’s 2853 degrees outside and you STILL don’t have the AC fixed in the Jeep.
  • When it takes 3 Excederine to even make a dent in your headache.
  • When the person that is supposed to answer phones takes a half day vacation and you are screwed cause the phone is ringing off the hook ALL DAY LONG..