Daily Archives: August 4, 2008

Smile in my heart..


Lisa at Midwestern Mommy does NOT have cancer. After many tests they realize she has some STUFF going on but it is NOT cancer. Is there anything MORE that can make you smile?

Rimmy and Biddy are going to come visit!! I’m so sorry that has to be #2 on my list..but come on..blogging friend NOT having cancer has to rank #1.
We’re looking at Sept 5th weekend. This means anyone within 4 or 5 hours has to drive to St Louis that weekend for Martini’s at The Chocolate Bar and Karaoke. Georgia, this would be a great time to come back. (we’re like old buds, I don’t need to call her Bossy all the time). I think that as we get closer we’re going to need to NAME the gathering…and maybe have Tshirts made up. I can speak at the bar and you can take pictures of me and maybe put it on You Tube? Hmmmm, maybe I should trademark this..hmmm

We purchased the most kick booty vanity this weekend, I am in LOVE with it. Oval copper vessle on top of white marble..it’s TOO cute. I have been daydreaming about the first shower that I’m going to take in my new shower..and that makes me happy. It will be this week. Hopefully Wednesday.

My animals are all back home. Jack and Patches both snuggled under the covers with me last night.

I watched TV last night. I caught up on The Closer, Saving Grace and Anthony Bourdaine.

Are you smiling about anything??