Friday Reviews Brought to you by me


I LOVE to be entertained. Books, movies, TV..anything.  SO, I’m going to tell you what is entertaining me right now. I should do this on a weekly basis, shouldn’t I?

I was going to do a linky love thing but you know what, if you are interested just google it.

  • Shark Week. It is Shark Week on the Discovery Channel. If you are just hearing this for the first time please slap yourself on the head and turn on the TV.
  • Worth seeing in the theater. Hellboy II. Seriously. Why would I kid you about that? It’s rated PG13 but I would bring Drew to it. There is a little violence..but we’re talking Elves and Trolls..please. There is a seen where they act drunk (that is hysterical) and Hellboy aka Red actually smokes a Cuban (cigar not a man). If you like XMen…then go see this. I laughed out loud and clapped at the end. Fun movie.
  • Wait for the dvd: X Files. I was SO disappointed, really. It was a good story but not great. There were some inside funnies..but not really. Blah..
  • Forgetting Sarah Marshall. Did you watch Knocked Up?? Did it offend you? If it did then please don’t see this movie. If you liked Knocked Up and the 40 Year Old Virgin..same type of humor. Laughed Out Loud quite a few times.
  • The Bank Job. Oooooo this one was great. Takes place in London…Spies, cops, robbers..quite good!!
  • 88 Minutes : I feel asleep..guess I’ll have to try that again at another time.
  • I’m reading The Eight right now by Katherine Neville. It’s REALLY good. OK..there is a link to that one since it’s an older book. Go read it.
  • OH.. do you read Waiter Rant? His book came out and he was on the Today Show. (link on my blogroll)

I’m going home tonight w/ my husband, 2 cats and dog. I still won’t have a working shower, but that is OK. I hope my DVR in my bedroom has been recording The Closer and Saving Grace…I’ve been missing them.

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  1. Love Shark Week.. Love Discovery channel. Just so you know Mike Rowe is my boyfriend. Im over due for a good movie..just not sure what Im in the mood to see.

  2. I was terribly disappointed in X-Files as well. And I used to LOVE the tv show.

    Hellboy? Seriously? REALLY? I don’t know. I don’t think I can do it.

  3. I’m all over Shark Week too. I don’t get much chance to watch tv in the summer since I’m pretty much traveling and working different places, not all of them have good internet access, but I’m home for the next few days, and just getting caught up in my reader.

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