Daily Archives: July 31, 2008

Bathroom Update, Hotels and Feeling Sorry for Myself


This is how my yesterday starts: I started my period yesterday while wearing white jeans (sorry Jason andRimmyGreggyou here too? Did I miss any other men?TMI..I know but I don’t do it all the time).

NO I didn’t have it on my calendar cause I’ve NEVER been able to keep track and now since I’m 41..no way

THEN I get the call that the toilet and sink will NOT be installed yesterday.(you do understand this is the ONLY bathroom in my house..right? ) We had already checked out of the hotel by my office so I HAD to go home, plus I needed fresh clothes and needed to do laundry. I drove home holding in the tears. This is when I REALLY piss myself off. Lisa gets diagnosed w/ cancer and I’m crying over not being able to stay in my house.. I mean come on, really.

side note..Lisa has an update..it may NOT be cancer but it’s still all funky chunky monkey so they may do exploratory surgery…scary stuff…keep praying

I should know better, when my friend Jim died from ALS a few years ago I did a real big CHECK on my attitude and life and realized what was important, what mattered….but I cried; I miss my cats, I miss my dog, I miss my bed. I want to go grocery shopping and watch MY TV in MY BED and watch MY DVR. The last evening I stayed in my bed was July 17th.

OK, I’m finished….I feel better.

Hampton Inn and Suites was OK, Wyndham out by my office was OK but the Drury Inn is better. It has a 32″ LG TV and a kick ass breakfast. They also have an outdoor pool. If it’s sunny I’m swimming after work. Don’t you know I packed my swim suit. They don’t have a thing where you can order movies though..Thank God it’s Shark Week.

side note: Have you seen I Love Money on VH1?? Oh my GAWD it is totally addicting! Big Brother is on tonight though..hope Jessie goes home.

My pimped bathroom really is coming along, J totally calmed me down last night. 2 body sprayers (you ever hear of Grohe..yeah me neither but it’s supposed to be nice), a seat, travertine tile surrounding the glass block window, ceramic tiles even on the shower ceiling..it’s gonna be nice. You are going to ask to come take a shower at my house. I wonder how many I can fit in the shower..hmmm