Top 25 things I said while on vacation

  1. New CD please
  2. No we’re not there yet, a few more hours
  3. How’s the gas look?
  4. No
  5. Don’t yell
  6. Inside voice please
  7. You don’t have a choice
  8. What do you want to eat?
  9. Get in the shower
  10. Look out the window at the view
  11. Kentucky is pretty
  12. Tennesse is pretty
  13. Georgia is pretty
  14. South Carolina is pretty
  15. It’s hot
  16. Hold this
  17. Help me
  18. Stay by me
  19. Here comes a big wave
  20. It’s hot
  21. Man it’s hot
  22. It’s Africa Hot
  23. Do you have to go to the bathroom
  24. Holy Cow!
  25. Wow!

We are staying at an $80 a night hotel by my work til Wed..we have a fridge and microwave and free HBO. I’m home now, doing laundry and then I’m going to the outdoor theather tonight w/ a fried of mine to see Miss Saigon…then instead of 10 minutes and I’m will be 30 minutes…and then I’ll be at the hotel..but in the morning it will be awesome cause I’ll be right by work.

I promise to catch up on everyone elses blogs tomorrow.


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  1. i could easily live on room service the rest of my life…

    and dude, georgia, tennessee, south carolina and kentucky are not africa hot. they are miserable wet humid oh my god someone shoot me hot. i actually found africa more bearable and it was like 109

  2. Yes to:


    But I say most of those things so often I don’t even really notice it anymore. Thanks for illuminating me. 😉

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