Biddy alert…


Just wanted to warn you guys that Biddy may be stopping by while I’m gone. Don’t let her scare you away with stories of … well girly bits and hangovers..
She’s a wordpress virgin too…


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  1. MP and i are experiencing some technical difficulties. i called a locksmith last night, but he said since i have a texas address on my driver’s license, he can’t let me in. HMPH! i guess we’ll just have to party here!

    and yes, y’all can totally swing from the chandelier again, but PLEASE just one at a time. i can’t afford to replace another one…

  2. Hi…It’s me, I’m in SC..we saw alligators today and they were REALLY cool..we also bought boogie boards for the ocean..we’ll do that tomorrow…and tomorrow we’re going on a boat ride to see dolphins… can have fun here on the comments cause I don’t know what my user name and password are to get all admin and stuff…
    OK..I’ll try

  3. Hi MP! Sorry I have been absent for a while… too busy lately, I hate that! Stopped by to get caught up… congrats on quitting smoking an what, you re gone to American Idol Tour… how cool… I want to go! Have fun!


  4. MP! Dude! how do you not know your admin?! sheesh!

    oh, and because i promised her i would, here is a friendly reminder to all party goers to check out MaryPat’s Twitter at the bottom of the page. it’s on the right side…obviously…

    now, someone hand me another beer and help me up onto the jukebox so i can dance with Rimmy!

  5. welcome to the party ladies! i appologize about the tight space. apparently a wild muskrat ate the key MP left, so we’re having to party in her jeep (also known as her comments section). who wants to go trash can bowling!?

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