What smells????


OK, to begin with, I am NOT a bitch. I’m very surprised. Today is Day 3 of no smoking.

Sure, I quit a couple years ago then went back..but hopefully this time is for good. I quit for a couple of reasons but the inspiration right now is that I’m going to be in a car this weekend going to Hilton Head..with 2 little boys. The last thing I want to worry about is when I’m going to have a smoke break.

I am at the point now where I can smell everything. I started to notice on my way to work this morning. It started freaking me out then I realized that I can smell better now. Usually the next step will be tasting things better.

I’m using the Commit lozenge. It actually works well for me. They last close to an hour in my mouth..the curb the need to smoke plus I’m not eating in that time frame either. This works well. The only bummer is that you aren’t supposed to drink while you have it in your mouth..I miss not having a sip of water every 3 minutes.

Wish me luck.. 🙂

Thanks to all that delurked…but I didn’t see anyone I didn’t expect to see. Oh well.. I did have a good psycho on the I hate Springsteen post.. from Carlos:
Carlos Carmo

You must have a taste of shit to dislike Springsteen! I dont like lots os singers, but i recognize in some of them good value. Do you know the difference between you and Springsteen?… You know that Springsteen exists…

Anyone else watch Big Brother 10 last night? I really need Renny to go… I am SO happy that they have more normal people. I don’t care for Memphis…and why didn’t he take the 1966 Mustang??
So far I like Jerry, Ollie, Dan, Brian and Steven.. haven’t figured out if I care for the girls yet. OMG April’s boobs are real? I find that hard to believe.

We’re also watching The Greatest American Dog…and OMG did they eliminate the wrong person, or what? Brandy and Beacon should have been GONE.. And PLEASE..her dog as her flower girl? I can’t stand people that treat animals like people and dress them like them.. Speaking of Dogs…it was my Jack’s birthday! He’s a year old! He went to the groomers and got a new bed and some toys.

AND Anthony Bourdaine started again. No Reservations is the best! I’m glad they repeat that later on in the night so I can record!


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  1. mommymae here. i love, love, love anthony bourdain. his french polynesia episode last fall had me dying to eat coconut crab. matter of fact, i. want. one. NOW!

    good luck on the non-smoking. i’m a former smoker and haven’t smoked in 9 years and 12 days. last time was at a pearl jam concert. i smoked a pack of marlboro reds a day. i can’t stand it now.

    btw – i made a cast with both pregnancies. when i made the one for the boy, the girls wanted them too, but couldn’t make one since they are quite skinny, so we went for the tushie instead. they are cute. they are all still boxed up, but i plan to cover them in plaster and shellac them before we make a gallery somewhere in the house. not sure where yet. might have to wait until we have a bigger house.

  2. I’m happy Bourdain’s back too. Gotta remember to set up a Season pass.

    Congrats on the not smoking!

    And Carlos clearly needs to get laid.

  3. Hallelujah for Big Brother! I almost didn’t even know a new season was starting. I happened to be flipping through my menu to see what was coming on boring Sunday night tv and there it was! I’m so glad I have someone to talk BB10 with b/c nobody in my family or friends watch it! I hope this season is good. I agree on the Renny thing. So annoying! As for my favorite right now, it’s hard to say. It’s so new into the season to really feel everyone out. I think I’m going to like the Airforce guy and Ollie.

    Congrats on the no smoking for 3 days. I’ve quit twice on the commit lozenges actually. They work amazing for me. The only problem is that both times I just haven’t been ready to quit so I always start back. I quit back in December and unfortunately started back a few months later. Gosh it’s so addictive! I know how hard it is so I’m rooting for you!

    Oh and Happy Birthday to Jack!

  4. Good luck with the smoking!! I’m sure you can do it! It’s day 169 for me. I had to laugh at your post because that’s the first thing I noticed…the world stinks! There are so smells that I thankfully missed because I was a smoker. I also didn’t realize how bad I smelled! My husband is still smoking and it is terrible.

    Thanks for voting. Jessica thanks you too. Her brother is the lead singer (and a hottie). Of course, being able to sing make you even hotter.

    Did you take a look at her blog? It’s pretty good.

    I haven’t played Rock Band but I’ve heard good things about it. I play the Aerosmith game almost all weekend. It’s easier than Guitar Hero III so I’ve started to do some of the songs on Hard!!

  5. Good job on the no smoking!
    Can’t wait to see No Reservations tonight. I meant to watch the pet one but I always forget when stuff is on.


    Good for you MP. Now that I will be sitting even closer to you, I’ll help with the encouragement. If I get annoying, please don’t slap me.

  7. Hope the trip goes well and congrats on stopping smoking. I know how difficult that is to do.. watch my dad and in-laws struggle through it. Good Luck!

  8. Congratulations on quit smoking. Three days becomes four, and four become five, and …oh geez, you know! I quit two years ago and did a blog about it on May 1.

    Big Brother! Never missed an episode, may have to cancel my cruise in Sept if I can’t figure a way to watch it.

  9. Congrats on kicking the smokes! I know you can do it!

    I went cold turkey nearly 4 years ago. I smelled everything….including other people cigarettes. I could detect them from miles away.
    Hang in there! Hope you have a wonderful trip 🙂

  10. I didn’t know you smoked?!?!?!? Congrats on quitting. We would be no fun at Blogher anyway with you giving up smoking and me not drinking…heh
    I ws TOTALLY thinking of you this morning. I heard the Kyra Sedgewick/Closer interview on 98.1. Did you catch it? I’m starting to feel ganged up on, so I guess I’m going to have to go rent the series on DVD to check it out now. Cause, ya know, I’m not addicted enough to television. ho hum

  11. i had no idea you smoked. i’m actually surprised. good for you for quitting!!

    oh, and i LOVE LOVE LOVE jerry on bb10!!! he is just the most precious thing ever (well, on BB anyway).

    and really? you would have picked the mustang over the supersport?!

  12. MP, COngrats so far on the smoking thing and keep up the work – OR I WILL COME KICK YOUR ASS!

    Secondly, you really need to get your mind out of the brainless reality TV gutter. Yuck. But, I still agree on the hate Springsteen thing, so we got that in common.


  13. Good luck with the no smoking thing….I smoked up until I got pregnant and it hasn’t been tough at all….probably because I really have no choice. Now after the baby arrives and I go out and have that first cocktail….that’s when the real challenge will begin! Best of luck!

  14. OMG I can’t believe I missed the opener of Big Brother!!! Dammit! I’m sorry I haven’t been around…I’m stressing and going crazy busy! I miss you !
    I will be back soon, I promise!!

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