Daily Archives: July 14, 2008

What smells????


OK, to begin with, I am NOT a bitch. I’m very surprised. Today is Day 3 of no smoking.

Sure, I quit a couple years ago then went back..but hopefully this time is for good. I quit for a couple of reasons but the inspiration right now is that I’m going to be in a car this weekend going to Hilton Head..with 2 little boys. The last thing I want to worry about is when I’m going to have a smoke break.

I am at the point now where I can smell everything. I started to notice on my way to work this morning. It started freaking me out then I realized that I can smell better now. Usually the next step will be tasting things better.

I’m using the Commit lozenge. It actually works well for me. They last close to an hour in my mouth..the curb the need to smoke plus I’m not eating in that time frame either. This works well. The only bummer is that you aren’t supposed to drink while you have it in your mouth..I miss not having a sip of water every 3 minutes.

Wish me luck.. 🙂

Thanks to all that delurked…but I didn’t see anyone I didn’t expect to see. Oh well.. I did have a good psycho on the I hate Springsteen post.. from Carlos:
Carlos Carmo

You must have a taste of shit to dislike Springsteen! I dont like lots os singers, but i recognize in some of them good value. Do you know the difference between you and Springsteen?… You know that Springsteen exists…

Anyone else watch Big Brother 10 last night? I really need Renny to go… I am SO happy that they have more normal people. I don’t care for Memphis…and why didn’t he take the 1966 Mustang??
So far I like Jerry, Ollie, Dan, Brian and Steven.. haven’t figured out if I care for the girls yet. OMG April’s boobs are real? I find that hard to believe.

We’re also watching The Greatest American Dog…and OMG did they eliminate the wrong person, or what? Brandy and Beacon should have been GONE.. And PLEASE..her dog as her flower girl? I can’t stand people that treat animals like people and dress them like them.. Speaking of Dogs…it was my Jack’s birthday! He’s a year old! He went to the groomers and got a new bed and some toys.

AND Anthony Bourdaine started again. No Reservations is the best! I’m glad they repeat that later on in the night so I can record!