De Lurk Dis Weekend


I said that real authoritative..could you tell? I was reading my friend Grandytoday and she mentioned how she had a goal to have 100 readers by her 200th post. Can you imagine having 100 people comment on your blog? Then I would have to read 100 blogs. There isn’t enough time. Either that or you turn into a Dooce and close comments and don’t read any but a select number of blogs.
Anway, normally I have around 60 people who show up reading my blog in a day. 60..that’s sixty.
Many perverts come to read this post. That isn’t a nasty post just people looking for something that I’m not providing.. if you know what I mean.

SO out of that 60 people there are about 15 of you that are friends…who are the rest? I figure 20 are perverts.. So show your face! Roll Call! Even if you normally don’t comment let me know who you are, I’d love to stop by your blog.

Are you going to blogher? I’m not. Instead I’m going to the American Idol Concert then driving to Hilton Head w/ 3 men.. well actually my husband, 8 year old soon to be 9 year old stepson and 8 year old nephew.
On Saturday while the drunks are all hung over thinking about going to a conference I will be in a car..driving. We’re either going to start driving Friday night after the concert..since from 12am to 5am my husband can drive..then I can do 5am until we get there… I don’t know, I just really don’t want to stop for the night. It’s a 13 hour drive.

Last night we went to see WallE…meh…not as good as I hoped but I’m glad I saw it. We’re going to see the Journey to the Center of the Earth tonight, then maybe Six Flags tomorrow.
Monday my cousin is going to come over to look at the “wall” work we need in the bathroom.

OK…now delurk….


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  1. Jean is again letting her presence be didn’t go through..if it did sorry for the double..

    Walle, we will wait to see on video.

    BTW- No we’re not moving to St. Louis..though you are on track. Though how cool would that’s not any further from OK as East Texas.

  2. dude, i guess i need to host a delurk threat because seriously? i’ve had all of 2 comments in the last 3 days! NOT COOL!

    so, basically you’ll be in the car with 3 boys 😉

    and srsly we need to go to blogher next year! totally!

  3. Hey babes, I’m not sure it’s necassary for me to de-lurk…you know I’m an MP fan…..but just cos it’s you, I will.

    Have a safe trip sweetie!

  4. I probably visit more than I comment…but I do comment!

    I know what you mean about wondering who the other pervs are that come lurking! I love the mystery of it all!

  5. MP – I sent you an e-mail about your drive, but I never heard back from you! 😦 Are you stopping anywhere near Atlanta for the night?

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