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Childhood Meme


Are we There Yet Mom tagged me for this meme about 5 years ago.

First, here are the rules:

1) Link to the person who tagged me. (I just did)

2) Mention the rules. (are these the rules)

3) Tell six quirky yet boring, unspectacular details about myself. (Me, quirky?)

4) Tag 6 other bloggers by linking to them. (I don’t wanna)

5) Go to each person’s blog and leave a comment that lets them know they’ve been tagged. (see above)

I don’t consider myself a quirky person. I thought I would tell you 6 things about my childhood.

1. My first best friend’s name was Laura. I was scared of her brothers, she lived across the street from me. We were NOT allowed to go into her house if we were wet from the pool. If we had to pee we were to sit on the edge of the galvanized pool and pee on the grass/ground. One time Laura pulled down her bottoms and pooped.

2. Any free time I would play in my back yard. I had a swingset and a cherry tree. I used to either climb or swing and sing.. One of my favorite songs to sing was “Up Up and Away in my Beautiful Balloon” or “Forever In Blue Jeans”.. (I used to think he was saying Reverened Blue Jeans).
..this was by myself…

3. I had every Barbie Accessory known to man.. or child as it was. My favorites were the three story townhouse w/ the elevator, the plane, the camper and the hot tub that pumped bubbles.

4. My first bike was red. It was a handmedown from someone. My neighbor Vince taught me how to ride, I was afraid dad would let go. Vince did too but for some reason it was OK.

5. The nextdoor neighbor Vince was also the person I allowed to pull my teeth. I still think Vince is the greatest! FYI: His granddaughter was one of Drew’s nurses when he was in the hospital.

6. I LOVED playing in the dirt. I used to imagine that I was digging for buried treasure. Our house was built in the 50’s on an old landfill. I used to find blue glass, old coins, tin cases. I really believed though I had to stop so I wouldn’t hit the Chinaman that lived on the other side.


Now tell me something fun about your childhood!