Some happenings in the Land of Blog


I know that just because you come here and talk to me I can’t assume that you read everything that I read..and if you don’t you are missing out on some stuff. is what you need to do and read!

Connie and her family just got back from Alaska. OMG the pictures are awesome.

There are a couple new bloggie babies baking in the oven: Here and Here

I blogged the other day about Jason getting married. Well Kate is getting married too!

Linda got a new hot tub..and his having some MORE work on the bathroom.

Pumpkin is moving from an undisclosed location back to Scotland and is VERY excited.

Sandy’s baby girl is going to SCHOOL for part of the day.

Raquita redid her combine w/ her photography business. OMG it’s awesome.

I haven’t totally caught up on all my commenting and reading since..Oh July 2ndish.. I may get caught up today!

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  1. I’m just starting to get caught up, only to be disappearing in a week. Hopefully with A/C.
    When I’m on the road I spend all my internet time uploading sound files to the server. If I have wireless access. Danged stank hotels.

  2. I had to laugh at the idea you thought Jason and Jesse where my sons. If they were, I’d never let them leave home! You scored pretty high on that 1930’s Wife Test…better than me anyway.

    I love your previous post about your grandma, dad, and mom. some parts made me sad and sounded so familiar, and others made me laugh in a shameful way…your mom getting “stuck” on the toilet. My mom was sharp as a tack and it was sad watching her do her best to be dignified. You know, dressing nice, fixing her hair, a tad of makeup. It had to be a chore for her doing all that. I’m not very old YET and I say to hell with all the fluff! In fact I’m going on a cruise and just today I was reading about the formal attire that’s MANDATORY two nights for dinner. Heck, I like to eat dinner in my jammies!
    Anyway, it’s a bitch getting old, and like our grandmothers said, “don’t get old”. Also, morphine is nasty.

  3. Oh, had a little side story about my mom when she first had to wear depends because she was too slow to get to the bathroom.
    We were out at a fancy restaurant for lunch one day. My mom looked at me with this huge smile on her face…I asked her what she was smiling about. She said, “I’m peeing”.

  4. Question?: Are you the one that talked about your bloggy friend having her child returned from CPS custody? I wanted to try to find that lady’s blog again.
    Sorry, randomness is my middle name.

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