Law & Order STL


So, how is your week going? We had a fricking Serial Killer! A psycho Meth Head Serial Killer. Yesterday afternoon before he was caught I read, “Last seen Monday night at the Cardinal Baseball Game”.. This would be 8 miles from my house. You can read all about it here and here.
This psycho just killed people, he didn’t have a “reason” and it’s not like he even KNEW them. The last people were just a nice couple in town for a graduation party. They drove up from Arkansas w/ their dogs and were staying at a Comfort Inn. Unreal.
I’m very glad they caught him, he had called his Ex-wife and told her that he wasn’t done killin yet. Could have made for a real mess over a holiday weekend w/ all the extra tourists in town.

We were talking about this last night when I got my hair cut. Many of us watch reality crime shows, Law and Order, Criminal Minds, CSI, Without A Trace.. Well at least I do. Talking about a real life killer was strange…Andrea was cutting away at my hair and I said, “So, you hear about our serial killer?”..she said, “Oh, no. You mean like Bundy, Son of Sam type killer”.. You had to stop to realize the craziness of it all, that randomly anyone could be at the wrong place at the wrong time and be this guys victim.

It’s funny that this happened, do you remember a couple days ago about my “brilliant post”. Well my idea was going to be about the good old days, my Title (it was a working title) was “Anybody Home?”. The idea was inspired the other day when I was at mom and dad’s, this is the house I grew up in. I grew up across the street from my’s baby sister. We lived 3 doors down from my Grandma and Aunt and about 5 blocks from my Aunt and Uncle. These are the Italians in the family. People never had their doors locked. We would visit each other when we wanted to, no one called first. I would go across the street, open the door and say “Anybody Home?” and then just start walking through the house trying to find someone. Sometimes there was no one home…usually I would end up opening the fridge or finding a cookie or two. I used to walk in my friends homes too..but I think I knocked first, THEN walked in. We’d yell outside each others house to play..knocking didn’t seem like it was necessary.

What happened? Does the media just scare us more than in 1975? 1985?

I can’t imagine any relative of mine just coming over, unannounced and walk in my house..can you?

Did you notice what I did.. One post with 2 subjects that were related to each other, and not really really random. I didn’t even tell you about how the boys went to see Hancock w/out me or that the shower is broken now and we’re spending the 4th of July w/ the plumber..I did good!!


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  1. Nice segue!

    The killer was spotted in my town yesterday. They caught him about 10 miles from me. My sweet BF went home with me after work so I didn’t have to be alone. What a guy!

  2. That is quite scary. What has this world come to? I remember as a kid playing outside until dark and my parents never wondering where I was every fifteen minutes. Honestly my family (aunts, cousins, uncles etc..) still walk into each others houses without knocking but they all live in the country so it’s no big deal. I don’t think I would want somebody just walking through my front door though! Not in today’s world.

  3. Scary stuff…..good work on the two related subjects in one post!! You are so good!
    Them are scary times out there girlfriend!!! Lock your doors…it’s what we have to do!

  4. I like how you squeezed in the broken shower and movie in the end. It sad that things aren’t what they used to be..I do blame the media.

    I was just telling hubs while we were eating bbq how awesome it would be if MP could mail me some St Louis BBQ and I cant think of the name of the fancy schmancy BBQ place that we went to in St. Louis -Ted Somebody or some persons name. Im rambling sorry..

  5. geeze glad they caught him before i head your way!

    there are still houses that i knock on the door as i’m walking in unnanounced, though i would freak out if someone did that at my house!

  6. That is frightening. I really hope they catch this person.

    I think it would be safe to leave our doors unlocked where we live now. But like you said about media, shows, etc,…I’d be to scared. But unannounced visitors? No way! They’d see my dirty laundry thrown everywhere 😦

  7. That is very freaky. Sucks that life is like that. We’ve had some very freaky things happen in my town too. I grew up in the Brown’s Chicken Massacre town, and lived only about a mile or two from where it happened. In junior high, some guy shot a cop with an automatic weapon, RIGHT outside my school! During the school day! And just recently, a few blocks from my house, a father doused his two sons with gasoline and set them on fire. Where do these people come from?

  8. Ok…you and I could SO hang out on the couch and watch all the same shows. Just…not the couch at your house because, well, I don’t have any of those in my town (this week).

    p.s. I’ve tagged you for a meme this weekend. Come check it out and let me know if you can play. 🙂

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