I’m interrupting my brilliant post to be random


OK, I was majorly head blogging and I have a GREAT post coming..well not great, I don’t want to get you all excited.. but I realize my problem is I have more to say..and when you end a post about a certain topic w/ a PS it just doesn’t work right.. So I’m interrupting my great post which hasn’t been written yet to tell you stuff. Get it?

Hair appointment has to be rescheduled. Tonight we’re going to see Hancock…my hair would have taken 2 hours.. I’ll let you know when.

Plumbing is totally a mess..it’s jerry rigged until after Hilton Head…now the tub and sink won’t drain right. I skipped a shower today..gross.

Last night my brilliant step son learned…ALL BY HIMSELF… how to do fart sounds under his arms. He showed me this while he danced naked around the living room. He wanted to know what mommy would think about his new talent…I told him that she will be VERY proud. He also asked if he could use this new talent and show it off at the Talent Show at camp. I told him that he could if he learned how to arm fart a song..try with Twinkle Twinkle and practice after I leave for work..he told me he would.

Drew and I played some basketball out in the street last night. Damn…I’m good, especially now that the ankle is feeling better.

They saw Wall-E without me.. 😦  Hopefully I’ll still have an opportunity.

I finished Fearless Fourteen..AWESOME!

OK, big meeting. If I have time later I will post my awesome post.


I was so rushed to post earlier I didn’t type the word random in my title..scatterbrain



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  1. oh man! i’m dying to read fearless 14 but can’t bring myself to spend $20 on the hardcover! i’m so damn cheap!!

    haha and seriously? you’re probably the coolest step-mom ever

  2. ok- as soon as you do this whole hair thing I want pics. And references. I need a hair person. Why is it so freaking hard to find a good hair person any more?!?!
    And as soon as he masters Twinkle you should totally turn him on to the more hard core stuff~ just imagine how much Mom would LOVE Welcome to the Jungle arm farts?!?! I KNOW, right?

  3. OK..now I AM getting my hair done tonight. 2 hours cause I’m getting color and an eyebrow wax too. I’m gonna be HOT. 😉
    ALSO I found out my girl is moving salons..which makes her even closer to my house.

  4. Gotta share a pic of your HOTself.

    HA, I just got my eyebrows waxed this weekend. OUCH!! for the first time.

    The kids want to see Wall-E, (maybe I’ll take them this weekend, but I want to see Kung Fu Panda), and I want to read Fearless Fourteen, I just saw it yesterday at the store. I almost picked it up. As soon as I finish Plum Lucky!

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