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Bathroom Update, Hotels and Feeling Sorry for Myself


This is how my yesterday starts: I started my period yesterday while wearing white jeans (sorry Jason andRimmyGreggyou here too? Did I miss any other men?TMI..I know but I don’t do it all the time).

NO I didn’t have it on my calendar cause I’ve NEVER been able to keep track and now since I’m way

THEN I get the call that the toilet and sink will NOT be installed yesterday.(you do understand this is the ONLY bathroom in my house..right? ) We had already checked out of the hotel by my office so I HAD to go home, plus I needed fresh clothes and needed to do laundry. I drove home holding in the tears. This is when I REALLY piss myself off. Lisa gets diagnosed w/ cancer and I’m crying over not being able to stay in my house.. I mean come on, really.

side note..Lisa has an may NOT be cancer but it’s still all funky chunky monkey so they may do exploratory surgery…scary stuff…keep praying

I should know better, when my friend Jim died from ALS a few years ago I did a real big CHECK on my attitude and life and realized what was important, what mattered….but I cried; I miss my cats, I miss my dog, I miss my bed. I want to go grocery shopping and watch MY TV in MY BED and watch MY DVR. The last evening I stayed in my bed was July 17th.

OK, I’m finished….I feel better.

Hampton Inn and Suites was OK, Wyndham out by my office was OK but the Drury Inn is better. It has a 32″ LG TV and a kick ass breakfast. They also have an outdoor pool. If it’s sunny I’m swimming after work. Don’t you know I packed my swim suit. They don’t have a thing where you can order movies though..Thank God it’s Shark Week.

side note: Have you seen I Love Money on VH1?? Oh my GAWD it is totally addicting! Big Brother is on tonight though..hope Jessie goes home.

My pimped bathroom really is coming along, J totally calmed me down last night. 2 body sprayers (you ever hear of Grohe..yeah me neither but it’s supposed to be nice), a seat, travertine tile surrounding the glass block window, ceramic tiles even on the shower’s gonna be nice. You are going to ask to come take a shower at my house. I wonder how many I can fit in the shower..hmmm

Top 25 things I said while on vacation

  1. New CD please
  2. No we’re not there yet, a few more hours
  3. How’s the gas look?
  4. No
  5. Don’t yell
  6. Inside voice please
  7. You don’t have a choice
  8. What do you want to eat?
  9. Get in the shower
  10. Look out the window at the view
  11. Kentucky is pretty
  12. Tennesse is pretty
  13. Georgia is pretty
  14. South Carolina is pretty
  15. It’s hot
  16. Hold this
  17. Help me
  18. Stay by me
  19. Here comes a big wave
  20. It’s hot
  21. Man it’s hot
  22. It’s Africa Hot
  23. Do you have to go to the bathroom
  24. Holy Cow!
  25. Wow!

We are staying at an $80 a night hotel by my work til Wed..we have a fridge and microwave and free HBO. I’m home now, doing laundry and then I’m going to the outdoor theather tonight w/ a fried of mine to see Miss Saigon…then instead of 10 minutes and I’m will be 30 minutes…and then I’ll be at the hotel..but in the morning it will be awesome cause I’ll be right by work.

I promise to catch up on everyone elses blogs tomorrow.

Come home from vacation and live in a hotel..what’s up with that??


Hi all. I TOTALLY apologize for note learning how to do the admin features on my blog…I know you were really looking forward to a Biddy party.. 😦

Remember the bathroom saga..well the entire week we’ve been gone my cousin the construction worker has been redoing my bathroom. We have crap and dust ALL over the house and no toilet or shower..maybe until Friday. I had to extend the cats stay at the kennel and Jack is staying at mom and dad’s.

BUT…we are experiencing “Pimp My Bathroom”.. OMG…OMG… We’re going to have a shower w/ a shower head, 2 body sprayers and a seat…new floor, new ceilings w/ 2 heating lamps and an exhuast fan (we never had a fan in the bathroom…mp says while holding her nose) When it’s all done I will be SO happy. Then we just need to get the kitchen plumbing up to par..that’s a whole other story.

I have 89403 pictures..yes I do!~ You know I will be making you go look at all of them.

Did you follow my twitters? I was following a few people then I turned it off, the alarms got annoying.

Here are some highlights from the trip:

We drove after the American Idol concert through to Hilton Head…without stopping. I drove through the moutains at sunrise when everyone else was asleep..that was awesome.

We went boogie boarding in the beach everyday for a while. This was Drews first time to the beach and he LOVED it.. He wiped out once though..but got back in there. I have not had that much fun in the beach for YEARS. J got out there too…every morning I would get up SOOOO sore and I would just get my swimsuite on..grab my boogie board and spf 50 and head to the beach. TOO much fun.

We also went onto a lake and saw alligators..and a rubber raft following a shrimp boat watching dolphin..and shark. We played putt putt..swam in the pool, made dinner, went out to dinner, road bikes. Then on the way home we stopped in Atlanta and went to the Georgia Aquarium. OMG that is awesome. We decided when we hit Nashville to just drive home but we knew we couldn’t go “home” so I called to get a hotel near Drew’s house..we went to Harrah’s.. $100 for a room w/ 2 Queen beds..perfect. We got there, there were no rooms and we got booted up to a Penthouse suite for the same rate.. Very Nice.

So today we napped at a hotel near our house, tomorrow I’m going w/ my cousin to pick out tile. We’re unpacking the rental right now since we have to return that tomorrow..we won’t stay too long though, the dust is killing me.

I had internet and blog withdrawls..I need to catch up on the news too.

So just in case I don’t get to everyone’s blog leave me a comment and let me know what is up with you? Any exciting news?

Believe me by Monday I’ll up date w/ little stories and hopefully have some pictures uploaded.

Get ready for Twittermania


OK, I think I am all set. Couple hours from now we are off. Hilton Head..NO..we’re off to the American Idol concert. J, Drew, my SIL and her two rugrats are off to the concert. I’m really looking forward to this. I believe we have pretty decent seats, I’ll bring my camera! To refresh your memory, this is Brooke White, Carly Smithton, Michael Johns, Jason Castro (hubba hubba) and your American Idol..Missouri Native, David Cook.

Either late tonight or tomorrow we begin our trek to Hilton Head. It’s supposed to be a 13 1/2 hour drive. We’ll see how long it takes us. We don’t have reservations anywhere so this should be interesting.

We will stay in South Carolina until Thursday then we’re headed back. Drew turns 9 on Friday and has to be back since he’s having a sleep over party on Saturday.

I think my MIL has her laptop..but she is VERY protective. I in turn will be twittering. I get 500 twitters so I’m not going to follow everyone. I am following Bri, Rimshot, Jean, Hot…and I think that is it. If you follow me on Twitter or would like to be able to then go sign up…let me know though within the next couple hours.

If you would just like to READ my twitters of what is going on you can do so right here..see on the bottom right hand side…THOSE are my twitters..

Questions? Let me know.. I guess I better print out my mapquest so I know how the heck to get to South Carolina..

Old People Smack Down


I really don’t know where to begin. This is a 100% true story…honest abe.

Yesterday I was having a bit of a shitty day. I was stressing at work, having a bit of a nic fit, trying to figure one how to do everything I needed to get done before our road trip.

One of the things I needed to do was wash my mom’s hair. Just in case you are new here or haven’t paid attention in the past.. Dad is 87, Mom is 82.. Dad isn’t too sharp mentally and is weaker than he has been in the past. He’s fallen a few times, landed in the old folks home for a stint and is an all around great guy. Mom can barely walk. Her knees blew out on her at least 20 years ago but she was too chicken to have they got worse and worse…so she didn’t move she gained weight. The woman still does crossword puzzles every day. The woman can drive you fruit.

Being a bit selfish I decided that I’m going to stop and get BBQ for me and J..and Jack. I didn’t want to see if mom and dad wanted anything cause if I went over there she’d make me do something and I’m hungry and having a nic fit and I want to go home first and get into shorts.

I called my husband for the 3965 time that day, he still didn’t pick up the phone. I explained I had forgotten my cell phone but that I was getting BBQ…then around 7:30 was going to go wash mom’s hair..then we’d watch Big Brother. (uggg w/ the POV)

At 6pmish I walk into my house w/ BBQ. I see a note on the table; it reads: “Your Dad fell. Jack and I at your parents. “

I turn around, not even setting my bags ‘ o ‘ bbq down and head back to the car.. damn it..shit…all the way to the car.

I get to mom and dad’s in 3 minutes (they are really close)..and walk into the back door. I can hear them talking. I walk in the kitchen and the dogs are yapping and mom, dad and J are sitting at the table.

Hands on my hips: “What happened?” “Are you OK?” “What time did you fall?” and the 354 other questions.

Well then the three of them start talking at the same time and the dogs are yapping… “half hour ago” “why didn’t you get your parents bbq” “ooo there is bbq?” “do you want chop suey? honey go downstairs and bring that up then can you fix it?” “yeah why didn’t you call us?” “your mother pushed me” “he hit his head on the tile” “do something about that blood” “get a bandage”

Jeremy went home, I gave mom and dad my bbq and then I went home. I changed cloths, we grabbed a burger then I went back to wash mom’s hair. She was in the bathroom and dad was in the yard w/ the dogs. After going back and forth, back and forth..I got the story.

They were having a “discussion” about something. Neither one remembers WHAT it was about but it turned into an argument. Dad pulled mom’s earring and it ripped it out of her ear. She got pissed and picked up her cane and poked at him…he leaned back to avoid being poked by the rubber tip of the cane..that was being thrust at him by the 82  year old woman in the chair…and he fell…and got a rugburn on his elbow and little knot on his head.

I spoke to my mother this morning and reminded her that you do NOT hit dad with the cane or PRETEND to hit him..he’s more fragile. She said, “Well you don’t raise a hand to me, I have a temper..I’m Irish and Indian. You do know that our Cherokee roots go back….” to which I tell her… “I don’t care what nationality you are, do NOT wag or poke dad with your cane!”… she says, “He pulled my ear”…. me, “he was teasing!”.. her “no he was angry”……

she says.. “I think you’ve gained weight”