Weekend Update and Movie Reviews


I actually feel like I had a long weekend, it didn’t fly by like normal. By 7pm last night I said to J, “I can’t believe this is all the same day that started with me going to church!”

Friday was pretty non-eventful. Saturday we were up, went shopping, took my dad to a bbq, went house hunting, went to the movies. Sunday I was up, went to church, went shopping, went to the movies, read my book then picked up Drew.

I missed the bloggie event on Saturday..I’m sure there will be more. By the time we got out of the movie it was 8ish so I didn’t go by.

Movie Reviews


There will be no spoilers so feel free to read away. This is a Rated R movie. The F bomb is thrown around, sex and violence which includes blood. I’m not a prude or weird about that but thought you should know. Personally I really liked the movie and would recommend. You have action, comedy..and a twist. What more do you need. I actually laughed out loud a few times, and you were supposed to. Some of the voice over stuff was really great. The car chases and special effects were awesome. The plot is NOT to be believable, this isn’t a crime drama..it’s got a smidge of sci-fi which I loved. Go to the theater…enjoy on the big screen w/ the great surround system. Leave the kids at home.

The Happening

This is an M Night Shyamalan movie. His stuff is kind of funky and his problem is that he hasn’t had a huge blockbuster since The Sixth Sense… but J and I had an opportunity to see another non-kid movie so we went. Bottom line, I give the movie a C. If you are the least bit interested wait until the DVD comes out.
I can’t talk too much about the movie without it being a huge spoiler, if you want to know them leave me a comment and I’ll email you and tell you what happens. The story and plot work..it STILL has me thinking but the way the story played didn’t work for me. There was way to much gore..I think that w/ the deaths you could imply that something happens. For instance…and this is in the VERY beginning…a woman is going to die and she puts a knitting needle through her neck.. Yeah. Really. I didn’t need to see that…You could have done it where it’s right AT her neck and I could have figured out what happens next, you know what I mean? ALSO I was in a theater w/ people that talk to the screen…. you knew before something was going to be sick..I covered my eyes and the people behind me were all “OH NO…HE’S GONNA DO …..” you get the idea. The other problem that I had was Mark Wahlberg. Normally I really like him and he was one of the reasons why we went. For me, his character played sissy. His character is a HS Science Teacher. His wife was just weird and he was way too sensitive.. I don’t know, I can’t put my finger on it..it’s like he played w/ his voice an octave higher and his inflections were like he was overacting. I think it would have made a good book, was it a book? I’ll have to look.

Book.. Did you know that Janet Evanovich’s latest Stephanie Plum novel is out? Yes it is!! Fourteen and Fearless. I’m about 1/3 of the way though. So far..so good. All our characters are there. I love Grandma.. I was going to get to pick it up again this afternoon cause I was going to the doc office w/ dad..but we had to reschedule. I think we’re going to see WALL-E tonight…we’ll see.

*** Oh the house hunting this is that we’re in the curious stage…seeing what is out there and what exact area we plan to look, once we’re ready.


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  1. Ugh, I was SO disappointed in the Happening! I was pissed off about the bees and the trees and the dialogue that just didn’t make any sense at all. My friend and I found ourselves laughing at parts that were supposed to be serious and I have to say, I like Lady in the Water better, the one the critics hated. All of his other movies are favorites of mine. As far as Wanted goes, I really enjoyed it, total popcorn movie and that thing that Angelina did at the end? AWESOME. Really fun and funny

  2. I really want to see The Happening but I’ve heard it was aweful. This saddens me. Mr. Shyamalan is starting to really disappoint. I loved his movies in the beginning. The Village is one of my fave’s. He needs to step it up.

    I went and saw Get Smart this past weekend. Pretty good. Nothing too exciting. I felt like it was going to be funnier than it really was. Next movie on the list is Hancock. Can’t wait to see it!

  3. I’m behind on the Stephanie Plum series but not too far. I think I’ve read up to ten. I’ll have to go to the library and reread them. They’re awesome. Thanks for reminding me about them. I’m going to have some time to kill this summer since we’re saving money for our Vegas trip. A summer reading list just might due the trick!

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