Rants that include Religion,Bicycles,Movies and more!


Sometimes when I post a couple times in a day people don’t read my previous post…So go over there and tell me what the hell to do with my hair..then come back.

This is going to be one of those random time things..you know then one that usually wears you out.

First thing when I got to work I opened the Internet and was OVERJOYED to see that our Archbishop is being sent to Rome. IMO I would have fired him…but this IS the Catholic Church. They gave him a promotion. Good riddance.

I was totally psyched to see white octagonal tile on a section of our ripped up bathroom floor. Short lived excitement..hubby hates it. It will not be uncovered and restored 😦

I am SICK and tired of Bike Riders. You know the ones I’m talking about? Tight clothes, water bottles riding their bikes RIGHTINFRONTOFMYCAR!!! For the love of GOD get on the sidewalk, buy a car, take the bus…do something but don’t hold up rush hour traffic by riding your fricking bike in the lane that is meant for automobiles. That’s great your are some tree hugging hippie who is showing off you are all green…..JUST MOVE before you get run over or cause an accident. OH and see that red light up there??? Well if you think you have all these rights to ride your bike in my car lane then you have to obey the fricking traffic rule…STOP at RED….don’t ride next to me on the shoulder either, I can’t see you!! (I feel better)

There are some REALLY crappy movies out there. I’ve been recording movies that I alone would like in the bedroom..rephrasing, I am recording movies in my room that I would like to watch, and that I know my husband wouldn’t like to watch. Two movies I deleted right away…Lover’s Prayer w/ Kirsten Dunst and Everything is Illuminated with Elijah Wood. OMG, I gave both of those movies about a half our of my life and deleted them. Then I watched Bobby..the story of RFK. WTF was up with all the characters? Many I didn’t care about at all… I would have rather had the story center around a few people at the hotel…a few people in the staff or through the eyes of the killer.

Did you go to the previous post yet and give me hair suggestions, you really should.

It is hotter than hell today but we’re supposed to have a “cool front” tonight w/ big ole storms..which is what our area needs w/ all the flooding. Speaking of flooding another levee broke.

I’m having major food issues…my appetite has changed or something. My frozen weight watchers lunches just aren’t cutting it anymore. I’m hungry again.

Another weekend w/out Drew. Not sure what we are going to do. Shopping tonight since I need something for storage in the bathroom. Dad wants to go to a BBQ tomorrow…there is a St Louis blogger event on Saturday too… I don’t know…we’ll see.

I still owe 2 people meme’s.. maybe this weekend. I also have pictures on my computer at home that I need to upload to flickr.

Anything exciting this weekend? Must see movies on cable?


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  1. Oh you are TOTALLY going on Saturday….! We are so much fun and completely normal. That was the first question my husband asked after I got brave enough to go to my first gathering in Dec. (if everyone was normal) He joined us at the last one!

    Wish I could help you on the hair issue, if you come on Sat. you will see that I suffer from the same issues. Mine is just longer.

  2. Please go to the blogger thing! I wish there was some sort of blogger thing here for me to go to!
    There isn’t SHIT worth watching on TV right now. Blah! Do you think it’s a conspiracy to get our asses off the couch?

  3. Oh man…my meme list is ridiculous. I’m seriously thinking of creating a meme graveyard 😦

    I’d definitely go to the blogger event! I’ve never been , and I can live vicariously through you 😉

  4. I completely agree with the biker thing. That’s what a side walk is for people, even though it’s called a sideWALK and not really meant for bike riding. Who cares though. Get off the road!

    Nothing good on weekend tv these days. I’m going to see Get Smart and Kung Fu Panda tonight at a drive-in. Crossing my fingers that they are good. Maybe you should go to the movies instead? That would make for a nice date night 🙂

  5. Loved your first paragraph! 😀

    The archbishop, congrats 🙂
    The bicycles: I so agree. If you think you can drive in the street, you’d better stop for the lights.
    Tile: Bummer.

  6. As far as your hair…pony tail! You have a gorgeous face, so i bet you hair looks cute pulled back.

    I don’t know your Bishop, but let’s just say, some are better than others, and it sounds like Rome is a preferred destination for yours.

    The bike riders? OK, to preface this, please know that I don’t ride a bike, and please don’t anyone throw rotten salmonella tomatoes at me… If it’s the tight pants, helmeted riders with water bottles, then they might be training for marathons that raise millions for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, as part of Team in Training (TNT). Just ordinary people, like my SIL who was just an ordinary dad, who trained and rode three 100 mile rides to find a cure for his three year old son who had leukemia.. that would be my grandson. I agree, they should be considerate when riding in traffic lanes. Sometimes we have to share the road, and yes, they are not only allowed on the streets, but it’s illegal to ride on sidewalks. Most are considerate, and I know some may not be, but just to clarify, they aren’t being tree hugging hippies. They are dedicated middle aged out of shape people who are riding 30+ miles a day, to train for the 100 mile fundraising rides (which are blocked off just like a running marathon). So, maybe, just maybe, when you see a group, because thats how they train…in teams, remember to take a moment to share the road, that they also have a right to.

    Ok, so if you didn’t throw tomatoes, I love you.

  7. There are bike lanes on my way to work, but I think I’ve seen someone only once or twice. Yay for the bishop? Eh, I have no idea what that’s about.
    And woman, you HAVE to go to the blogger thingy!! So there!! (or something)

  8. For me it’s not just bikers, but recumbent bikes – you can’t see them! They are so low, they’re even under the side mirrors. Where I live we also have lots of golf cart drivers. The city council even had to pass a few ordinances to control them. Pain in the hinder!

  9. Cool about your Bishop… and the blogger thing. YOu did go?! Right. (Sorry, I don’t know what day of the week it is.) I hope to read about that on your blog!

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