The Accidental Rehab


You know how you have a list of “to do” things for your house? Well I do, I don’t always write it down but it’s there.

We eventually get everything done. I realized this year that this upgrades and projects are tax write off’s. I decided that we would make sure that we keep all of our bills. When you upgrade your house now a days you also make it more Green. The government likes that.

To preface the details; we live in an old house. The house is a brick bungalow built around 1920ish. The walls are plaster on the inside, brick on the outside. Cement closet space. You get the picture. When I purchased the house I thought it would be a temporary thing, I’m going on 12 years there now.  One of the conditions on the initial sale of my house was that they bring the electric up to code, they did. This still doesn’t help from blowing a fuse. Case in point: You cannot use the microwave, blow dry your hair, have the coffee pot plugged in and run a space heater at the same time.  We live though a new furnace and now we don’t need space heaters.

I had a point, didn’t I? Oh yeah, the bathroom. Notice I didn’t specify WHICH bathroom. That is because there is only one. We got a new toilet. We needed a new toilet. The pink one that was in the bathroom was at least 50 years old. Ick.  Next up was the sink. We’re doing it this way cause the elephant in that room is the shower..we just work around that job..  So the sink is also at least 4873 years old. There are cracks in the bowl so you really can’t clean it right’s just DONE. We were at our neighborhood Home Depot and found an awesome sale on this all-in-one vanity set. Vanity, counter-top, sink and mirror. It was a STEAL!! We purchased it but Home Depot said “we don’t install bathroom stuff”.. SO it sat in the backyard for a while (at least it wasn’t the front yard). 

Forward to last week. J said, “you know we’re going to Hilton Head soon, we really need to get that sink installed. ”  So I found a good plumber who said it was a 2-3 hour job. I scheduled them to come by today. At 8am J calls me at work as said, “You know how things are never as easy as we think they should be?”.

BIG BREATH….let it all out. …. wait.. BIG BREATH….let it all out

The plumbing is not up to code.

In order to put in the new sink they had to bust into the wall. The pipes are jerryrigged now as a temporary fix.  This means that we can brush our teeth but he ain’t done.

The stack needs to be replaced. Totally. It’s the original.

BIG BREATH…let it out. Take a drink of tea. fingers on the keyboard..continue

Right now since the sink is a different size than the old the OLD OLD floor and the OLD floor show, this means we have to get a new floor.


Did you recall above where I said they had to punch a whole in the WALL to get to the not-up-to-code pipes?  So everything needs to be re-drywalled. Did I mention that some yahoo built a goofy box around the pipes that stick out.. this ALL needs to be ripped out. This as well as the new stack will have to wait until AFTER we go to Hilton Head.

All I wanted was the old sink ripped out and a new one put in..NOT a new wall and new floor and new pipes!! I new the stack needed to be replaced but I thought we could drag it out a little big longer. The plumber showed J all the different cracks and said “You got a month or two before you have a real problem on your hands”…

OH well, it had to be done sooner or later. I should put a paypal button on my blog.. 😉

WAIT..I forgot about the money tree in yard. NOT.


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  1. Oh no!!! Thats a disaster, MP! I am SO sorry. I’m sure J is sitting at home pulling out his hair. On the upside, you’ll have a beautiful new bathroom. Why don’t you throw in a new shower for shits and giggles.

    *big hug*

  2. Oh, yeah. I think accidental rehabs are entirely due to plumbing. We had a plumber come in to replace a cracking cast iron drain for the toilet. It was supposed to take 1 hour.

    I took two days and cost over $1000.00! I’m convinced they look for “code” issues in old homes just to rake in the money.

    Another example was replacing my old shower faucets due to the diverter no longer working. I wanted to retain the 3 faucet look of the original and bought a very nice vintage faucet set to go in. The plumber wouldn’t do it because the new “code” requires a SINGLE faucet with over-temp protection.

    If it is illegal to retrofit vintage plumbing, then why does the same government allow the BIG plumbing/faucet companies to sell the faucets?!? It’s nuts.

    I ended up doing the plumbing myself, so the house could remain COOL.

    We have a similar old house, but frame. We also have one bathroom and 4 family members!

    I have yet to let anyone mess up the charm of my house. Lucky so far, I guess.

  3. although our problem wasn’t quite as horrendous as this, we had a minor plumbing mishap a few months ago. our house is about the same age as yours. we wanted a new faucet on the downstairs bathroom. ben went to do it one day and i heard a pop, some cursing, and then yelling, “turn the water off!” well, i don’t know where the main line turn off is so he had to come downstairs to do it while i gathered towels because a pipe had broken under the sink and started to pour through the floor to our basement where we had our office set up. that means all of our files, computer, craft/sewing corner were in danger of being destroyed. thankfully, nothing got wet and we’ve since moved the computer. someone had jerryrigged a pipe under the sink and we called a plumber to fix it the next day, but we were told that we may have to tear into the wall to redo the whole shebang.

    novel over.

  4. Oh no! Of course you’d have a big problem in two months. Funny how you caught it in time! *eyeroll*

    But better safe than sorry with an old house. Mine is about 100 years old too and I can’t use Charmin TP because it clogs the pipes.

  5. Ooo, we’ve had plenty of those accidental rehabs too. One required an emergency plumber on a
    Sunday afternoon. Just think what a relief it’ll be when it is done… Deep breath… and a big gulp of something a little stronger than tea?

  6. *sigh* Hubs and I are planning a big redo in one of our bathrooms this summer…. I am not looking forward to that.
    Hope you have fun on your trip!

  7. Oh hunny, not the best of news huh? But let me congratulate you on your IMMENSE self-control throughout….if that had been me, I would have taken so many deep breaths that I would’ve needed a paper bag to stop the hyperventilating!
    I’m sending cyber hugs your way lass!!!

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