You know gas prices are high when….


Here is the story. I’m on my way to work this morning. I’m on a pretty major road. 2 lanes in each direction. I’m in the far right lane anticipating my right turn.  I have the Jeep today, you know the one without AC..but it does have a radio.. So anyway I have the window down. I am listening to the morning radio show. (FYI it’s quite a liberal show..)
I’m stopped at a stoplight and I hear: “Mam, excuse me, Mam”…. I look out my window and see this little blue beater of a car with a big dirty looking white man inside. He leans into his passenger seat and says, “Mam, can you help me get a 2 gallons of gas? I need to get out near Six Flags to pick up a paycheck”.
My mind right now is going “WTF?”. I really thought he was going to ask me for directions. I actually started in my head to put the directions to Six Flags in my head…I had to comprehend that this guy just asked me for 2 gallons of gas.
I said “Sorry, I don’t have any cash”. This was the honest to God truth. I don’t have a dollar in my purse..and I know that is a problem, you should always have at least $20 cash..but I didn’t.
By this time the light changed to green and we started moving, I’m getting ready to turn right. He yells back as we’re driving apart, “Well you COULD use your debit card!”

I turned right, went to the office and am blogging about it. Here are my thoughts.
If I were at the gas station putting gas in my car and someone asked me to swipe my card so they could get $5 or $10 worth of gas..maybe even $20..I would have said OK. I would have helped the guy out. I was half a block from my office, NOT getting gas. I wasn’t about to follow some stranger to a filling station just to do a good deed. I feel bad for the man, I believe he really did need gas to get to an area near Six Flags to pick up a check…and not to drive to pick up a six pack or go to the East Side to watch strippers.

What would you have done? It really happened so fast, I’m still processing. Would I have acted differently if it was a woman and followed her to a gas station?

Just a couple weeks ago on my way home down a two lane road a woman going the other direction waved a map out her window yelling “Help Me! Where is Chesterfield?”
For her I just pointed in the direction that she was driving and told her to “Keep going that way”.
I hope she found what she was looking for.

(Did you read the comments from the previous post? Seems that European men really like Bruce Springsteen. One man, Jose’ left me a very nice LONG post about what huge fans they are. Another man just wanted to slam me for being so ignorant of what a great talent the Boss is, he told me ” to realise how is so special being bruce fan!!! you dont have the road to catch is car!!!!”He told me!)

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  1. Wow that’s bizarre. I’ve never had this happen. I don’t know what I’d do. My first thought is that I’d say no. But I’ll buy people food, so I don’t know what the difference is. Going to think more now.

  2. We can barely afford to keep gas in both of our cars, so I would not have helped him out. If I had tons of money to spare, I’m not sure if I would….it would just depend on the situation, how the person asked, etc.

  3. Ugh hate those situations. If I in a rarity did have cash then I would probably give it as I never have it and it was there for probably that reason. (Karma) The debit card thing I’d be ify about. I would certainly not go with the dude to the gas station if he was waving me down while driving. Those situations make me try really hard to pretend I don’t see or hear them. I’m weird that way.

  4. What the??? Alright, No. There is NO way I would have pulled over to buy a man some gas. What? Are you a walking debit card money distributor? No.
    I enjoy helping people in need and I believe the way this country has handled our energy resources is a crock, but for a random guy to roll down his window and ask you to pull over to give him money for gas is outrageous. If he’s that desperate for gas money, he should have asked him employer to mail the check.

  5. I would have done the same as you did. Weird. We once got rear-ended in St Louis on our way bak home (when home was Joplin) from Chicago. The kid was really nice and no damage really, we were all moving so slow. I think he was very relieved when hubby said don’t worry about it, let’s just go on.

  6. Never had this happen before. Of course there’s been homeless people ask me for money and if I have some change or a couple of bucks I’ll give it to them, but if someone asked me to put gas in their car I’d probably tell them no. I can’t afford my own gas much less somebody elses is. We don’t get cost of living raises at my job (stick it to the man!). If I had the extra money I may have though.

  7. I consider myself a pretty charitable person. If I have cash, I ALWAYS give to anyone who asks or who is holding a sign, etc. Sometimes, I will even go out of my way in the parking lot to go by someone holding a sign and I will give them cash. Sometimes all I have in my wallet. I don’t say that to toot my own horn at all, but I say that to lay a background. I SO TOTALLY WOULD NOT have driven to a gas station and used my debit card for this guy unless my husband was in the car with me. I don’t care if it was broad daylight. I just wouldn’t do it.


  8. SEE..that’s what I thought. If you need gas beg people at a gas station.

    That’s like begging for a beer at Baptist picnic.

  9. I like to help out, when I can, especially around the holidays. The kids and I buy a special gift from, an “Angel Tree”, for children who won’t be recieving any presents for Christmas.

    And if I have cash on hand, which most the time I don’t anymore, I give out a dollar here and there.

    As for your situation, I am very weary about strange men, asking for gas. And I agree with everyone, he should be asking for it, at a gas station.

    I’d be able to help him out with a couple bucks for gas,(not a couple gallons). I’m trying to afford gas to put into my car.

  10. Wow, that’s quite a freaky situation….and hunny, I agree with everything the lovely folks above have said…..and listening to intuition and common sense in these situations I think is the only way to go.

    Oh and I thought the first guy who waxed lyrical about Bruce Springsteen, seemd adorable, infact before I read your comment, I too had actually said ‘God love him’ when I read what he’d written.

  11. Something like that has never happened to me, but with these prices it doesn’t surprise me. I wouldn’t have followed him to a station, but I might have given him the two bucks if I had it. That is just so weird though.

  12. Ugh, I think several of my posts written when I was riding the metrolink to school were about people asking me for money, and if I have it, I always give some. But, sometimes, the lack of common sense in people blows me away. If you need money for the bus, ask at the bus stop. If you need money for gas, ask at the gas station! He apparently didn’t worry too much about using what he had since he asked you while driving! You did the right thing, I wouldn’t have followed him either.

  13. Yeah, I saw Jose’s f-ing post/comment. Jeez. 🙂

    I think it was a bit rude of the guy to yell ‘You can use your debit card!’, but then again, desperate times call for desperate measures, I guess. Poor guy.
    I think you did the right thing. I would have totally done it if I was already at the gas station, and maybe I would have been more open if it had been a woman….

  14. I’ve never had the road to catch is car. Maybe that’s the problem…and Bruce Springsteen can @#$% my left @*^!

    Poor guy is NOT the proper response. I would be much more wary…don’t you watch the news?

  15. What, does that guy not watch the news? Who in their right mind would follow a guy to a gas station and swipe their DEBIT CARD to help them get gas? Your best case scenario is identity theft, and worst case of him being some freaky kidnapper type. You should not feel guilty at ALL.

  16. I totally would have done what you did and felt guilty about it at first, then feel mad. Recently I was picking up some movies at Blockbusters and a homeless man who I have seen at our church before asked to go home with us. I felt horrible as my husband told him no and he explained that is what everyone says and no one will help. I felt guilty for days, but then our pastor explained to me how much the church has offered and what this man has done with those offers, so that made me feel a little better.

  17. wow. really? did he think you would just whip out your card and follow him? can we talk about kidnapping? robbery? identify theft? somehow I don’t think this guy was REALLY trying to get 2 gallons of gas. otherwise just go to the station and beg.

  18. That is a little weird, and the weirdest thing to me is that he felt free to suggest that you could use your debt card, as if he were ENTITLED to your help! He would have had much better luck going to a gas station and mayube trying to get five bucks from someone there.

  19. Oh you all are just MEAN. Of COURSE I would have followed him to the gas station. Gees, he asked nicely! I’m sure it was my GOOD looks that prompted the ask. While I was DRIVING to the gas station, I think I’d stop off at the studbucks and get him a coffee I can’t afford..because JEES..HE may want it..and a Double latte with fruu fru on top. Then, once we arrived at the gas station, I’d be sure to ask if he needed a gas station sandwhich, or should I run across the street and get him some Kentucky Fried Chicken. Hey…When I go to get you chicken you go ahead and put 2 gallons in your car. Can you watch my purse for me..oh..don’t worry about that little urchin in the back of the car….He will cry but not much. Hey…I just got groceries and there is some wine and beer in the back so don’t let anyone get that ok??…OK Heres my card , the pin number is 1414. Two gallons..Ok…I’ll be right back sugar. …doh! WHAT??? My Wine is Gone!! The Beer is GONE…My Debit card is GONE..HE has my PIN NUMBER???? wha what…what am I gonna do with all this CHICKEN?? Rats…he left the kid!!!

  20. My Dad has run into 2 gas beggers in TN in the past few months. I just had to deal with one at a retail store in VA over the weekend. Sorry, I don’t do gas for people driving gas hogs (she had a truck). My Dad helped the lady driving the 4-banger with kids. The guy driving the gas hog V8 Lincoln he told to take a hike.

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