I hate Bruce Springsteen and other confessions


Hate is such a strong word, I know. I was taught NOT TO HATE. So for purposes of my Catholic guilt creeping up I will change that to, “I strongly dislike Bruce Springsteen”.

Back when I was in college I dated a guy from Long Island. He LOVED The Boss. He had posters haning in his dorm room.. it was his religion. I just didn’t get it. I faked it. I couldn’t admit I didn’t like The Boss.

This morning the local radio station I listen to was ALL excited about annoucing that Bruce Springsteen was coming in concert. I was so let down. They were teasing about this annoucement for weeks..I thought it was going to be someone good.

Here are some other confessions of mine, that don’t always make the the most popular girl in the room:

  • I don’t like the circus. Never have.
  • I don’t like clowns..see above.
  • I don’t like parades. When I was little I didn’t want to go, when I was older I just went to drink, when I was older still I just went for the kids.
  • I don’t like Ira Glass. I actually have no idea who Ira Glass is.
  • I don’t listen to NPR.
  • I agree with 80% of the things that come out of Rush’s mouth on the radio show.
  • I never really got George Carlin, and I think I have a good sense of humor.
  • I never really understood the humor of Andy Kaufman either.
  • I have never liked any of the boy bands. NKOTB, Menudo or the one w/ Lance Bass and Justin Timberlake either.
  • I always thought that Parker Stevenson was the hotter of the two Hardy Boys yet I let my friends believe I was a Shaun Cassidy fan too. I liked his music and owned the albums but I wasn’t really that disappointed when mom wouldn’t let me go to the concert.
  • I don’t like Sarah Jessica Parker. I used to back in the Square Pegs days..and liked her on Broadway in How to Succeed in Business but then Sex In The City started..and bleh.. I don’t care for the show and have no intention of seeing the movie. I have watched the TV show before, but only for the soft core porn of it.
  • I have only watched 1 episode each of Hero’s, Desperate Housewives and Lost..and didn’t get it. I have never watched an episode of The Office.
  • I love Barbara Streisand as an actress but not as much as a singer. I can’t stand her as a person, even though I don’t know her personally. Have you seen What’s Up Doc?? Hysterical!
  • I like soft rock oldies: Chicago, Little River Band, Pure Prairie League, Air Supply and Barry Manilow.
  • I love 90’s Alternative Music
  • I can’t remember all the nursery rhymes I knew as a child. They are gone.
  • I don’t care if gas is $4 a gallon.
  • I don’t recycle
  • I have no idea what my natural hair color is anymore. It sure ain’t blond.
  • I haven’t gotten a mammogram although I should have a couple years ago.
  • I say I’m going to loose the weight again and then I eat chocolate.
  • I have never had an exercise routine.
  • If God gave me the choice I know which parent should go first.
  • I just ate another piece of chocolate.
  • Some days I’ve stayed at work longer than I had to cause I was reading blogs.
  • I don’t like Katie Couric anymore since she left the Today Show.
  • I don’t like Oprah anymore.

OK.. I feel better. Do you still love me?

Anything you would like to get off your chest?


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  1. I don’t “get” George Carlin. I like Billy Crystal, Dave Letterman, Adam Sandler, Kevin Meany, Bob Newhart.
    I don’t dislike George Carlin.

    Rush..about 80% of the facts..yes. His opinions and person life..I don’t care for at all.

    Dolce..I still think we have more in commen than not..

  2. Oh MP. You know how to hurt a girl.

    I’m with ya on the Boss, boy bands and clowns. I can even (MAYBE) forgive you for not knowing who Ira Glass is (that just leaves him that much more available for me) but honey, NOTHING that comes out of Rush’s Limbaugh’s mouth is even close to being fact.

    And now, just to pay you back for the Ira Glass/NPR thing, I have never watched a reality TV show IN MY LIFE. Take THAT! : )

    PS. I still think you’re adorable. Wrong, but adorable! *snort!*

  3. I know Kate..as I was typing I thought of you 🙂

    Sonrie..I don’t understand those words you typed..you don’t like the Beatles..that doesn’t translate to me…lol 🙂

  4. I forgive you on the boybands. I’m honestly not a big boy band fan..just NK’s relive that one small childhood thing I had.
    Never did get into Sex and City, Lost, or Desperate Housewives either. Im a Discovery channel junkie myself. Good list!

  5. …HATE clowns..they are creepy and wacky and nasty and wear all that makeup so they can scare kids and molest them, and kiss men and not get their face pounded in.
    Hate Clowns..oh..I already said that.
    yeah. nasty. and I hated them LONG before that Stephen King movie came out.

  6. Did you know that George Carlin just died? I don’t care for Katie anymore either and although I still tivo Oprah, she annoys me now, and I hardly ever watch her anymore. CAN’T STAND boy bands.

  7. Okay….I with you on the Boss, Oprah, Katie, Desperate Housewive’s, The Office, the circus and clowns…..but no KNOTB!??!!? Well fine then. More Jordan Knight for me anyway 😛

    p.s. My confession- I will NEVER go to a male ob/gyn.

  8. i don’t like bruce either. or bob dylan. their lyrics are fine, great songwriters, but it’s their voices i don’t like much. as a singer, it’s hard for me to get over voices i don’t like.

    i should be asleep right now.

  9. Hey hun

    Yup to boy bands sucking, clowns being evil, ‘Lost’ being confusing, Desperate Housewives being…well….blech and Oprah being annoying.

    I have only heard Rush Limbaugh once (we only occasionally get US forces stations) and didn’t like what he had to say.

    I hate hate hate big brother….aaaarrrrgh it drives me demented.

    Other than that, I’m thinking you MUST come visit me in Scotland lass as this list just proves we would have a helluva fun conversation whilst drinking our wine!

  10. Ooo Yeah..Bob Dylan too. I don’t get it. Oh and the other one .. I have never watched The Soprano’s.. I KNOW can you believe it?

    Yes.. I know I will some day go to Scotland. I just know it.

  11. Hello my friend, this is José from Portugal (Europe, in case you don’t know!).
    I am writing you these words because i really don’t understand how a human being can hate/dislike Bruce “The Boss” Springsteen.

    I must say that on the last 20 years I have lost count on how many times I have seen Bruce perform live. 50? 60? I really don’t know! Tomorrow I will be in Milan, Friday I will be in Paris, next month I will be in San Sebastian, Madrid and 2 consecutives nights in Barcelona.

    Maybe I will have the great pleasure in being with Bruce, again!!!

    Last November I was in Bilbao and Madrid… I would go anyplace on earth, in fact even to the moon, just to see him for a second, shake hands with him and tell him how great his music is and how much I love him and how much he is important to me!

    I even went to USA to see Bruce live, Orlando, Miami, Tampa… during “The Rising” Tour.

    Hei, I am not that old… I am (only) 37, my daughter, she is 15… and she is coming with me to see Bruce live in Spain, we are both really excited… for her Bruce is “uncle” Bruce.

    You don’t have the idea how Bruce is really important in Europe, I must say that I prefer much more see Bruce in Europe than in USA…

    I didn’t have money to return home, sleep at the airport or the train station, or no sleep at all, no food to eat…starving, the weather was cold, a lot of rain, windy…but well, that night I was going to see Bruce live again!!! That was the most important thing!!!

    Have you ever seen Bruce perform live? It is an explosion of energy, happiness… it is something that you cannot describe by words… only being there! And if possible, in the first row near the stage, even if for that you most go 12 hours before the starting, but that is OK, I am 3.500 kms away from home just to see Bruce…

    You know, I believe that love it is the most important thing in life. And I have discovered that there is not only one love, there are many types/kinds of love. You can love your husband/boyfriend; you can love your child, your parents and your friends. And you can also love Bruce, who is daily in my mind and in my heart. Bruce lives in my blood, in my cells… I have been in love for Bruce, well for the last 20 years… Hey I am not gay, but if I were it won’t be a problem…

    3 hours concerts at 58? Yes! Drugs? Alcohol? No thanks…! Jogging & Gymnasium everyday! And the power and the mystery of Rock n´ Roll and the love Bruce receives from millions of (truly dedicated) fans all over the world!

    As much as I respect your opinion, as much I disagree with it. But I still love you, because you really seem a nice person!

    You might think: “This guy is totally nuts! Totally crazy” But that´s ok with me… You wouldn’t be the first to have the same thought and you surreally will not be the last!

    Take good care of you and the ones you love! And please, start listening to Bruce; I am sure you will start liking him! And if possible, go to a Bruce concert, because of me and You!

  12. Hey! Sorry I’ve been MIA for a while….I had a lot of catching up to do! I agree with many of your points….I don’t get George Carlin or Andy Kaufman sense of humor either and I don’t like Katie anymore and I used to love her!

  13. O.K., I am in good company. I didn’t get “in the city” – I actually thought it was embarrassingly dumb. But, I love the Boss! Great confessions!!!!

  14. Wow. Its seems as though we have a LOT in common! I agreed with most of these things, although boy bands were totally my era and I loooved Lance Bass (too bad he turned out to be gay. How did I not realize this?).

    Oh, and are you serious about the gas price thing? I think you may be the only one in America that doesn’t mind the gas prices. When you travel as much as I do to visit family you would loathe gas prices.

    Oh and I use the word loathe instead of hate. I feel it has a much better ring to it! 🙂

  15. You crack me up.

    For the record, I’d share my blonde dye and chocolate with you! We can talk about how we don’t care about Lost and some of those other tv shows. And rip on boy bands. 😉

  16. We are definitely cut from the same broadcloth!
    I’m with you on everything except the recycle thing cause my kids made me and now I just do it cause it’s the right thing to do….
    Sorry I haven’t been around to much with commenting but I am visiting and reading all! {{HUGS}}

  17. I don’t know if you saw Jose’s comment up there.(god love him)..but THAT is how my old BF was about the Boss.. and you have to appreciate it. I’m a little like that w/ Billy Joel. 🙂

  18. I totally agree with you on Bruce Springsteen. I don’t hate him and have a couple of the albums, but I’d never pay to see him…for sure. I also think he is highly over-rated.

    I strongly preferred the Baily Quarters character over the Jennifer character on WKRP.

    I also don’t care about gas…prefer it to go up, in a sick sort of way, to help stop urban sprawl.

    I love progressive rock (Marillion, Spock’s Beard, Dream Theater, etc.) and I’m conservative politically.

    I’d take ANY hair color.

    I wish “Jarts” were still on the market.

    I once loved the Bay City Rollers.

  19. S A T U R D A Y NIGHT! Great, thanks Gregg..

    I am so with you on Baily..she remindes me of Mrs Kotter..and Tina Fey kind of.

    I still have a box of Jarts in my parents basement..did you know it’s illegal to sell on ebay?

  20. you know I can deal with alot of that I really can – but 80% on Rush??!?! seriously?!?

    GAWD I must wash my brain out with soap after just thinking his name much less typing it..

  21. Totally still love you, but….you’ve never watched The Office?? Oh, you have got to try it. The first time I watched it, I was like ‘WTF? This is not funny.’ But then it grew on me, and it makes me cry sometimes, it is so damn funny.

    Don’t like Bruce Springsteen either. Don’t really care about Rush, or NPR.

  22. hi, just pass here to see your text about bruce springsteen..,.and you now what??? is important to fans as me have ppl as you… to realise how is so special being bruce fan!!! you dont have the road to catch is car!!!!

  23. What do you mean you “no recycle”…I am going to get my Greek MIL after you! Wait a minute, I don’t have a Greek MIL. Oh well, of course I still love you…I just might have to nag you a little though.

  24. Wow, that was great! 🙂 Agree with a lot of what you listed. The ones I feel differently about don’t really bother me much. Just differences. So yeah… you’re still “in” 🙂

  25. I’m a Jersey girl, so I completely believe that Bruce is singing to me (and only me). Plus, he’s hot.

    Imagine my excitement when a neighbor’s son-in-law actually ended up touring with The Boss for his folk songs album two years ago. This is the same neighbor’s son-in-law who helped us out one Christmas when my husband was working double shifts by putting the kids’ big Christmas present together for me. So now I tell everyone, “Bruce Springsteen’s drummer assembled our Little Tykes wagon.” They are duly impressed.

  26. OK now that is TOTALLY cool that the drummer put together your wagon.

    If you are from NJ you should automatically be a Boss fan..no questions asked and all respect given.

  27. Who knew Bruce could create such a stir? I will admit, I love the Born in the USA album, my Mom was a big fan and music from that time is like saturday mornings running around barefoot while my Mom sings along in the kitchen. Happy memories. 😉 It’s funny how people can be so different and still get along so well, huh? 😉

  28. I just realized I never answered your question from my skirt post. Everything done in a mini skirt is done very carefully. Hee. 😉

  29. Well, I don’t hate Bruce Springsteen, but I do love this post. I’m gonna have to do my own.

    I’m with you, though, on NPR and Oprah. And a few other things. I guess I’m just not entertained by listening to people talk. And talk, and talk, and talk.

  30. You must have a taste of shit to dislike Springsteen! I dont like lots os singers, but i recognize in some of them good value. Do you know the difference between you and Springsteen?… You know that Springsteen exists…

  31. I absolutley agree with you on bruce springsteen. I’ll even use the word hate. I might not feel this strongly if people didn’t try to force him down my throat but after that I just found his lyrics not very inspired, i hate his voice and don’t care for his arrangements. I don’t know him personally so if i saw him on the street I’d probably wave and say hi to be nice but I don’t listen to his music.

  32. Jacob’s post pretty much sums it all up. I would add that only his moron fans are worse than his ‘music’. I was dragged to Springsteen ‘concert’ and was anazed by the attending public who appeared mesmerized the entire time. It’s almost like a cross between a cult and a traveling minstral show, and at times a revival meeting with the entire audience on their feet singing and dancing along…but it doesn’t feel like rock n’ roll, more like rock n’cheese roll…

  33. i without a doubt enjoy your posting way, very useful,
    don’t quit and keep posting due to the fact it just nicely to follow it,
    looking forward to look into a whole lot more of your current well written articles, thanks 😉

  34. I just typed in “I hate Bruce Springsteen” on Google (because the annoying woman in the next cube is playing one of his albums) and found your blog. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I was beginning to think I was the only person who wanted to run screaming as soon as “Born in the USA” starts playing. By the way, did I mention she likes to whistle randomly as the music plays? I hate whistling, too.

  35. in time bruce THE BOSS springsteen will go down as the greatest live rock frontman’too powerfull his set list alone would blow them all out of the water too many great songs’bruce s worst song is someone eles great song bruce throws songs in the garbage that other artis would kill for..look at hammersmith 1975 a young springsteen in action its like wow he is from a diffrent world big set list big voice…bruce stood the test where most fail.

  36. Bruce Springsteen is a monotone idiot! I also can’t stand Bob Dylan because of this. They are neither singers of substance. Just bland. Also can’t stand guys who sound like they have a hairlip – Elvis Costello, John Mayer, Randy Newman, etc. Also, Justin Bieber sounds like a little girl – yucky! Moody Blues make me want to shoot myself.

    • I like some of your analogies; Springsteen shows are very similar to the circus and he does remind me of a clown. I have made comparisons to burlesque as much of his “performances” are pure shtick as opposed to actually playing music. As a life long musician, i share the contempt that virtually all my counterparts have for anything “Bruce”. If you’ll notice, most Springsteen fans are musically illiterate and they are equally ignorant when it come understanding what Rock n’ Roll is supposed to be. On top of this, the entire band bares a strong resemblance to the grease monkeys you find at some corner garage in a blue collar neighborhood. This could be part of his appeal: he looks like those in attendance. I was dragged kicking and screaming to see him and this was one of things I noticed; the fans were just as idiotic he is.

      On the other hand, I don’t give a darn about most of the other things you posted. In fact, I strongly disagree with much of it. I am disinclined to comment any further as it has no relevance to the subject matter.

      • My prior post was intended as a reply to the lead post: “I hate Bruce Springsteen and other confessions”, not to Victor Fiorillo. Sorry Victor, my mistake, I would remove it if I could.

      • No.. I’m not a member of a cult..:-)
        I find it hysterical that people still stumble on this post. People feel very strongly one way or the other about Bruce Springsteen I noticed. I wrote this initially in 2008 and realize alot of what I wrote has changed.. thanks for commenting Dan.. you reminded me I need to blog again..

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