Floods * Food * Fireworks



Well I found this quote in a Yahoo article.

One community did decide to move the entire town to higher ground after the 1993 floods. This week, residents of Valmeyer, Ill., are looking down at the raging river from the bluffs they now sit atop, instead of from the plain where their town was largely washed away 15 years ago.

I remember watching Valmeyer wash away in 1993. The heartbreak of those people was something else. Their decision to move to higher ground seems really smart. There are areas North of us that are flooding pretty heavily. I recall driving to one of Drew’s soccer games last year and there was an entire area that had billboards mocking the flood of 1993 talking about how they were selling the land to build industrial parks all along the levee. Right now that area where the billboards were as well as the road we drove on are underwater. I don’t think those people thought the levee would break so soon..they were figuring on an 80 year cycle or something. There are some things you really can’t predict.


Sarah and the Goon Squad was asking for help today on what to make for dinner. It just so happens that I’m “bringing a dish” to my friends BBQ tomorrow. This is one of those super easy yet yummy ideas.

Strawberry and Spinach Salad.
Step One: Go to the store and purchase a bag of prewashed baby spinach. Pint of Strawberries. Bag of nuts. Bottle of Poppy-seed Dressing. Tin Roasting Pan. Disposable Utensils.

If you can’t figure out what to do with all of that you have no business fixing food. I’ve also had this with some additional stuff like crumbled feta cheese, blueberries, red onions.. You can really do whatever you want. It’s super yummy, the right about of sweet for a summer day, or anytime really and it’s quick and easy to throw together. You can also purchase lowfat Poppyseed dressing which is pretty tasty too.
What is a quick easy thing you like to bring with you to events?


Click here to play with fireworks and not get hurt..or arrested.
Driving to work this morning there was a huge billboard advertising fireworks. Umm, in the area where the billboard is and where I live fireworks are illegal. It seems silly to either be selling them or make them illegal. At my house I always end up with bottle rockets on my roof and in my yard. Cops don’t really do anything about it. When I was little we always had sparklers and “tiger” chasers..What the heck is the PC word for those? Am I right, Tiger Chasers? Anyway we also had snakes which I loved but they made the sidewalk black which mom hated. As we got older we had bottle rocket fights in the parking lot. (union lots we used to hang out in every night to ride bikes, smoke, drink, and do everything else..of course this was pre-security cameras). Back then the cops had things like organized crime to deal with and left us kids alone.
Now..we don’t even buy fireworks, they seem like such a waste of money.
Do you buy and shoot off fireworks?

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  1. HA-YEEELL YES We buy and put off fireworks. DAMN! My parents are from Southeast Missouri girl. You can get enough fireworks down there to make the Fair St. Louis finale seem tame!

    We buy and light them on my parents lake in the middle of Biehle Missouri (6 miles outside Perryville). There is no one around and no houses (except mom and dads) for injury. We sit on the pond damn and the guys light them from the dock. We have a good time.


  2. Several neighbors all contribute like $100 each and we have a huge show. It’s a blast (literally!) The boys have fun and last year it took almost two hours to shoot everything off. They get the big ones too. It’s pretty crazy too, because where we live it is NOT legal. We are such rebels. snort.

  3. You crack me up with your “no business fixing food” LOL! It sounds delicious though 🙂

    We don’t usually buy fireworks. I can hardly light a candle when the power goes out without getting 3rd degree burns. Explosive fireworks probably a bad idea.

  4. We have a huge tradition on the 4th. My aunt and uncle have a party and, together with my dad, they buy about $200.00 worth of illegal fireworks from West Virginia. They invite al the neighbors and my dad become Dr. Fire!! We have a blast (pun intended) and the cops ALWAYS find their way to us!

    Thanks for taking a look at the video. I think it says a lot! I also like the one with the mom and her baby Alex. Have you seen that one?


  5. Oh, yea. Fireworks are a must! July 4th is my absolute FAVORITE holiday!!! Also, the ‘tiger’ chasers….umm…down south, I am not proud to say they are called something else. Something very racist. It’s not a good thing. But, now, I’ll call them ‘tiger’ chasers. MUCH BETTER! I never knew they had a different name.

  6. will be saving that ‘recipe’ for summer…

    Fireworks are illegal here in Australia. Except for the capital. Where the pollies are. And porn is the biggest industry there. Bizarre..

  7. MP, I just posted a blog over at TVG (we miss you there!) about the flooding yesterday! I took pics as we crossed the JB Bridge yesterday from SoCo into IL and it was very reminiscent of 1993.

    If you get a chance, shoot me a PM at TVG or an email. I have some news about Rev.

  8. My go-to potluck dish is pasta salad. Boil pasta, drain, rinse under cold water. Add a bag of shredded cheese, enough zesty italian dressing to coat, and parmesan cheese. Jazz it up with onion powder, garlic powder, italian seasoning, diced tomato, cucumber, green onion, whatever. I will try your salad recipe, it sounds delish!

  9. I don’t get the concept of fireworks (buying and shooting ’em off). I don’t mind the occassional fireworks display (professional) however I would never go out of my way to watch on my own impetus.

    I TOTALLY don’t get parades.

  10. I miss being able to set off fireworks. There are so many fun childhood memories I have of Summertime and the 4th of July, associated with Fireworks.

    Mmmmmmmm…..I LOVE Strawberry/Spianch salad. I think I’m going to have to get shoppin’ for some Poppyseed dressing. I have strawberries and spinach allready.

  11. I buy cheap really nice bowls at garage sales, then I feel free to leave them where ever I have to take salads too without feeling the LEAST bit bad. ..cheaper than dollar store stuff..and yes..It DOES make me just a LITTTTLE bit better than everybody else.
    dang…i”ve had only 2 beers and I guess ilost my tuyping ability. I leave the typeos in the last paragerahph to show what the enire thing COULD have looked like.

  12. “If you can’t figure out what to do with all of that you have no business fixing food.”


    I also like Donna’s comment
    “yes..It DOES make me just a LITTTTLE bit better than everybody else.”

    I should remember to do this! 😀

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