Pretend this is a witty title leading up to a post about stuff.


I sat here for 20 minutes trying to come up with a catchy title for my post. I thought about the Marvin Gaye song “What’s Goin On”..then “In My Life” by the Beatles.. (which happened to be our first dance at our wedding)..I came up with nothing.

SO here we go, this is one of those posts where I’m going to talk about random stuff that is going on. I like these because no real thought has to go into it. It’s just unloading all the crap in my brain.

  • Drew is over. I’m VERY excited that he is into Pokemon again. We are both playing Pokemon Diamond. I have a pink DS of my own so we’re trying to get to the same level so we can connect through the Wii and battle each other. My main Pokemon is only at a level 10. I really need to get out in the tall grass and battle more so I can level up my Pokemon. I started yesterday. Drew and I also spent about a half hour yesterday with our big ole Pokemon book coming up with quizzes on how well we know our Pokemon. You know stuff like: He’s the first evolution, looks like a monkey and is a fire type, what’s his name. Then Drew gets all difficult and throws in legendary..and I get confused.
  • Drew and I are both really into Ben 10. Have you ever watched the show? No? Find it, watch it. Great TV.
  • We went to see Indiana Jones last night. It was REALLY good. So was the popcorn. You can buy Vitamin Water at AMC. I love that.
  • I got to actually DO my job this morning, share information, teach. I felt like a combination “know it all” and boss lady. I loved the power.
  • I really need to finish laundry tonight but I think we’re going to see Iron Man again.
  • There are ALOT of rivers flooding North of where I am. A lot of these little towns are cute little places too. I feel bad cause this isn’t the first time the levees have failed.
  • Should we build levees to try to change rivers? Maybe not. Shouldn’t we just let nature take it’s course and not live in those areas that are flood prone. I guess it’s a little too late to do that now. Look at New Orleans.
  • There was a picture in the paper of this kid helping sandbag. He was 16. He was born during the flood of ’93. Why does the flood of ’93 feel like just last year. We still talk about it as “The Flood”. I guess I never thought that the kids don’t know what the hell we’re talking about.
  • I just got to be Boss again with the answers. I like this. Maybe I need to run the company?
  • I REALLY like the new Cold Play song. Gwenyth Paltrow’s hubby is kind of hot too.
  • Did you know that John McCain’s sons are actually IN the military?
  • I am SO glad that Hillary is not the Democratic Nom…Barak O’Boyfriend better not choose her as his running mate.
  • Did you hear Jamie Lynn Spears had her baby? NO..well she did. Little girl. I bet she’s gonna be cute.
  • I’m reading about 3 books right now that I can’t finish.
  • My PT on my ankle is going well. I get to do all kinds of little exercises. The bike, stairs, squats, rubberband things. You know what, it makes my knees hurt.
  • I keep reading blogs about parents trying to potty train their kids and I’m sitting here shaking my leg while I type this cause I gotta go really bad and am not taking the time to get up off my duff and go.

So that concludes today’s post about stuff. Gotta Go.



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  1. “Should we build levees to try to change rivers? Maybe not. Shouldn’t we just let nature take it’s course and not live in those areas that are flood prone…” You hit the nail right on the head with that one!

    What state are you in?

    I also love pokemon- now you are making me miss playing it!

  2. My son collected Pokemon cards for years and NEVER learned how to play the game… always thought that was sort of a waste of good cards.

    I live in a hurricane prone zone (Gulf Coast of Florida), I can empathize with the flood victims. We’ve been extremely lucky so far. I’m very apprehensive over this season… we’re overdue for a bad storm.

  3. Your so better a person than I on the Pokemon. Do you play the card game to? You’d be my oldests hero. You can play DS games on the Wii? I’m like learning so much. I love random posts!

  4. For Josh’s Bday next month, I’m taking him to see IJones. It’s funny, I watch Ben10 with the kids in the morning while I’m drinking my first cup of coffee.
    Oh, I am so jealous, I would love a pink DS?? It’ll be on my Christmas list this year.

  5. ..I’m in Missouri
    No Drew HAS the cards and has for a while, a really great collection but hasn’t grown into the real game you do w/ the cards. I think he’s too young. I hear you fase in and out of liking Pokemon.

    Yes..we could be separated at birth Sandy..I can really see the resemblance 😛

  6. lol I just don’t “get” pokemon, maybe I’ll let you teach me. 😉 I’ve always loved Coldplay, and you’re right that new song is great, and rawr, Chris Martin is lovely to look at. One more thing, how do I get the bloggy love thingy?

  7. Personally I am so glad that J is not into pokemon yet, and I hope he kind of just passes right through that phase….I’m probably just dreaming though right? I went down to the Arch yesterday to compare where the river is compared to ’93…the river is supposed to crest on Monday, I think I might take the kids down there to see it and get some pics as well. They are estimating it will be 10 ft below what it was in ’93.

  8. I love random posts. There is always so much to read about.

    Honestly, why would anyone want to build their home in a flood prone area? I wouldn’t. Makes no sense at all to me.

    One book I’m wanting to read right now is Tori Spellings book, sTori Telling. Don’t ask me why! I’m a little ashamed to say I love her show on Oxygen, so maybe that’s what’s drawing me to the book! I hope you can find time to finish you’re three!

  9. I always want to write a random post about all the shit im thinking about, but then i cannot think if a witty title, so i delete it all. And I also start thinking-who cares what is in my head? but i know someone has GOT to care. 🙂
    I am reading 3 books right now too! If I could just put 2 of them down, and concentrate on one at a time, I might get them read faster, but.they.are.too.good.

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