Men! You can’t shoot ’em.


Not all men should be shot but today I have a list.

None of the following were directed toward me or have anything to do with the men that I love. These are things that I have witnessed. I would still help with the shooting though.

Man A:

Oh my God you are SO stupid. I can’t believe you. Just calm down and deal with it. I don’t know what you are going to do, just figure it out, I have to get back to work.

The above was a man talking to his wife that called stating that she just got into a car accident and couldn’t drive the car because it was un-drive-able. The conversation actually became a bit heated. Another girl in our office looked at me and was amazed that he was talking to his wife that way. Note that he did leave a couple hours later to assist her with what was going on. She wasn’t injured.

Man B:

And you tell your customer that they will get their products when they give me a check!

this was screamed at top volume at a salesperson, she responded with a laugh and “don’t yell at me” . It may not seem bad but he was RED faced w/ veins bulging..leaning across a table…and this was out of the blue, it wasn’t even something that was being discussed.

Man C

Lie to your coworkers and say that you are taking care of the details surrounding a half million dollar deal.

I took care of steps 1, 2 and most of three, which technically are his job anyway. He had to communicate one VALUABLE piece of information which I actually offered to do. He lied and said he made the call. He doesn’t know that I know he never called. Why? Because I asked that last person if they were informed, they said no.

I would really just love to string all three of these up by their boys..if you know what I mean.  Guy A and B..yeah, I feel sorry for their wives.


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  1. Yeah, if my husband (or anyone for that matter) EVER spoke to me like that, they would be so sorry. I may be little, but I have a big mouth and I am not afraid to use it (when provoked). The few times, my hubby has raised his voice or spoken to me disrespectfully, I call him out on it right then and there. I will not even let it slide just once….I put up with that crap growing up and I don’t have to now. ’nuff said.

  2. You know… we, as women, often don’t understand the stress that our men are under, and their need to sometimes vent in ways…

    Sorry – I got to giggling and couldn’t finish that thought.

    And by the way… technically, you CAN shoot them. They’re just not worth the jail time. 😉

  3. Hey babes

    Yep as wife to a ‘typical’ man and mother to a ‘typical’ boy…I get the frustrating ‘can’t live with ’em…can’t torture them’ thing. As for those guys…no stringing up by their boys….that’s too quick and easy, what you want to do is tie them to a chair and take a pair of very BLUNT tweezers and give their ‘boys’ a very slow and painfull trim.

    Yes, I know, I’m very sick…….but I’m Scottish so it kinda goes with the territory.

    I’m very very very very sorry for not having visited your lovely new place more often or left a comment….how can I make it up to you…….a bona-fide invitation to come visit me in Glasgow anytime? DONE. Oh and don’t forget that you promised to come work for me when I got my practice started up….that’s a good few years away yet….but I’m holding you to it!!!

    Love the new place sweetie…and I’ve updated my sidebar links, and I will be visiting much more often, I promise.

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