Result, Review and Request


Hi there!! It’s Friday!! Finally.


So our Jeep doesn’t have AC. Well it has it but it’s been broken. It will cost about 3 million dollars to fix so we’ve been putting it off. Normally J takes the Jeep (cause he’s nice like that) and I take the car w/ the AC. Well yesterday and today he and the recovering patient have been out and about. Yesterday it was 94. There was no way in Hell Drew was going to ride around in a Jeep w/ no AC. see where this was going..I took the Jeep. Going to work was no big deal but then in the middle of the day I had to go to the doctor. (MRI results on my foot/ankle). So I drive 43 minutes from work to the doc…sweating my booty off. I get to the doctor and am only there like 20 minutes. Enough time to read a few pages (more on that later) and talk to the doctor. MRI doesn’t show anything so now I have to go to PT and see if they can’t work the kinks out. If not then it looks like surgery might be an option which would SUCK. I have a feeling this PT thing and exercise will do the trick… SO get back in the car when it’s over and the drive only takes about a half hour. By the time I get back to work I am soaked and tired. We’re talking my bra and undies were soaked.

Now…I finish my work day and THEN I have to drive home. The temperature reads 94 in the car. I fixed myself a turkey sandwich, finished my book and went to bed. 9pm.. I was beat. I didn’t do laundry or anything that I should have done. When the alarm went off this morning I could have turned it off and slept another 4 hours.


So to the book. MP Book Review! I just read Sail by James Patterson.This is being billed as a Summer Read. Here is MY problem with it. I read it last night. It took about 3 hours. It’s a good book! It’s one that you can’t put down, so I didn’t. James Patterson wrote the book with Howard Roughan..I have no idea who he is… but anyway I highly suggest picking it up. The book cover says all you need to know: The Ship Is Lost but then comes a message – The Family Dunne is alive

My PT appointment is at 4:30 today, it should be cooler than the 90’s so I won’t melt driving there. Sunday is Father’s Day. Not sure what we’re doing. I need to go card shopping tonight!


SO today is Friday the 13th..but it’s not like I really CARE. I never really have experienced anything strange or different on a Friday the 13th. What about you?? Any of you have Triskaidekaphobia? If you were building a building would you have a 13th floor? Get married on the 13th? Bet on #13?
What are you thoughts on the subject. As kids I know we used to freak each other out, now for me it’s just another day.

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  1. I’m not so much afraid of Friday the 13th as I am of breaking my string of “no bad luck” by admitting it. Murphy is waaaay more dangerous. 😉

  2. I do not miss the days of no A/C in the car. Texas-no a/c-heart problems: not a fun combination!!!!
    Friday the 13th is just another day to me. Always has been. Boring, huh? 🙂

  3. When I taught elementary school – we made a big deal out of Friday the 13th. We did all kinds of fun activities and had a fun time with 13! I love Friday the 13th!

  4. Yeah, I’m with Marly on this one. I try not to think about the number 13 too much.

    I hope that you have a great weekend! Take the car with the air conditioner.

  5. The fact that its FRIDAY THE 13TH as opposed to any other 13th of the month or any other Friday rarely even gets a blip on my radar. ‘Tis just another day.

    Dear Diary,

    Today I did not catch the roadrunner.


  6. Ugh, I’m sorry about the a/c. My hubby has been driving without a/c in his car for about 4 years now. He’s gotten pretty use to it, but since we’ve moved and he now has a 30 minute car ride, he dreads the drive home from work WITH HIS SUIT ON. I’m lucky he doesn’t hardly ever complain. So I don’t say anything in hopes we can wait a teeny bit longer without buying another car . . . 🙂

    Friday the 13th. Doesn’t bother me at all. I wouldn’t have even noticed if hubby hadn’t mentioned it.

    Have a lovely weekend!

  7. I hate Friday the 13th, and I don’t think I’m superstitious…it just sits on my mind like moldy cheese stinking up my day.
    gotta check out that book!

  8. Have you got a quote on the air con? Friends told us it would cost over a grand to fix ours so we sweated through a summer without out. When I went to get a quote it was $250. So I got it fixed and buried my friend in the backyard.

    You see I don’t like the heat and she KNEW that.

  9. the girls were born on a 13th day, so next year will have friday the 13th birthday. they’ll also have the 13th birthday on friday the 13th. funny. never bothered me, but i’m not superstitious.

    sorry about the a/c. when the girls were 4 months old we flew to california from texas for a wedding and when we got back in our ’88 suburban at the airport our a/c had kicked the bucket. we bought a new car immediately since we couldn’t see sinking more money than we paid for the thing into a/c. still have the vw wagon we bought.

  10. Since my little guy was born on the 13th, we get a Friday the 13th birthday here and there. I didn’t even think about it being the Friday the 13th until the day was mostly over.

    For him, he’d probably wish every Friday the 13 was like this past one. He got to have a friend spend the night and go to his fave place to eat.

  11. Having no A/C sucks!! There was one summer here in AZ, that I had no AC for a month, and I thought I was about ready to die. UGH!! I remember spending close to a grand to fix it. But you REALLY need air, especially if it’s that hot!!

    I hope it won’t cost too much to get it fixed. My MIL just fixed her’s for under $100. All she needed was freeon in hers.

    Friday the 13th was weird here too. The one day, it was really nice around here, but the rest of the week it’s been HOT as HELL!!

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