Selective Partying


What the heck has happened to me? Am I growing up? Becoming a wise woman? 

After a week of hospitals without skipping a beat I rolled into our National Sales Meeting. It was here in town but held at a local hotel/convention center. Our reps and factories were here from around the country. Get a bunch of sales people together and what do we get? booze…

Back in the day.. 5+ years ago.. I was a partyaholic. We’re talking about major…you only live once..kind of attitude. I was driving the bus. First one at the party, last one to leave. The loudest mouth in the room.  Usually inappropriate but not caring.

Today…no longer driving the bus, I’m not even ON the bus.  I’m sitting back watching the others hurt. We wrapped everything up around 3:30pm yesterday. Dolce, A, and I packed up some products then looked at each other and said, “What do we do now?”. I said, “I need to put on my make up, help me!”.. So the 3 of us girls went in the bathroom and Dolce put on my make up. She did things to my eyes I never thought of. It took like a half hour! I usually slap it on in 5 minutes.

So then we look at each other, A says “What do we do now”… being the older and wiser woman I said “drink”.

We went to the bar and had come cocktails w/ reps and factory people..talking about everything from the weather, college, work, family etc.  By drink #4 I felt good..not drunk but good.. In the old days it would take at least 7 or 8. I had fun, took lots of pictures. By the time we sat down for our dinner at 7pm I was finished for the night. I ate my dinner, laughed talked…9:30 I was beat. Everyone else was taking advantage of the free booze and moving up to the hotel bar to watch TV. I made the decision, “I’m going home”. I think I kind of shocked myself a little. MP..going home FIRST? Yes it happened.  I could have easily smoozed until 11pm..12, 1, some of the others but I didn’t.  Do I regret it?  No, not one tiny bit. Oh yes I would have loved to have been there..if it all had taken place 4 hours earlier. I just can’t and won’t do that anymore. Been there, done that. I think I’m a little proud of myself 🙂

Drew: He still has the picc line, he sees the doc again Monday, his last antibiotic is due Sunday morning. He has decided that he no longer likes McDonalds. OMG this is so wild. That WAS his favorite food. Problem is that is what he had in his belly when he started to get sick. No camp next week either, hopefully he’ll be able to by the week of the 23rd.



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  1. I think we ARE long lost sisters! I love thunderstorms and I use to party like a rock star too! I’ll slip back to my old ways every now and then regret it. I have a two drink limit. Two drinks and I gave a good time. More then that…I have a GREAT time and a big old headache the next day.

  2. Aw…you are all Growd up now. I get the crazy party girl out like once maybe twice a year and then I remember why she doesn’t come out to play so much anymore…..the 3 days it takes to recoup is NOT worth it. Well….

  3. Anything that kills the love of McD’s is probably a good thing. Good on you for not partying too hard. It’s a sign of growth even if it’s not ‘attractive’. It’s far more pretty to be sober and sane.

    Not that I’m sane.

  4. Im with you on the party thing..its just not worth over doing it now. Hubs being a total non drinker still doesn’t understand though, that one glass of wine with friends at dinner and driving home an hour later, means I’m perfectly fine..sigh. If he only knew my craziness as a teen…ahem I mean a legal 21 year old..cough ahem..

  5. Ok, browsing the pics of what I assume was your pep-rally/work thingie…I’m wondering why you haven’t introduced me to all the lovely (available) women.

  6. MP – sorry I’m just getting caught up. My, oh, my what a stressful time you’ve been having. I’m so glad that Drew is doing better. That was a pretty scary situation.

    And here’s hoping that your MRI comes back ok. That stinks that the power went out in the middle of the imaging! MRIs are a pain.

  7. Glad to hear Drew is getting better. And yes, I know what you mean about the not missing the 3 a.m. nights or the heavy drinking. But the gathering sounds like it was fun .

  8. Sounds like the meeting was fun! I tend to have a little bit of a wild side, but only on occasion. It usually has to be somebody’s birthday, holiday, etc…but I’m 21 so I guess it’s allowed. I’m already pretty burnt out with it though. Waking up hang over is not my idea of a good time!

  9. Yeah, I like being a grown up. I have more money at the end of the night, and better memories. I don’t have to wake up and think “oh holy hell what did I do?”

  10. Yep, sounds like you’re all grown up. It sucks, doesn’t it? I mean, to an extent. I want to be the partyer again. Not the one who has several drinks and goes, “I’m tired”. Blah!!

  11. As I get older, the whole party hardy stuff is just too much for me too. I enjoy a few, laugh a while, then I’m ready to go home. Sucks being old.

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